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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - Ron DeSantis on Iowa Television Ahead of Another Weekend in the Hawkeye State

September 08, 2023

Tallahassee, FL - Ron DeSantis joined KCCI's Amanda Rooker and Iowa News Now's Skylar Tallal ahead of another busy weekend in Iowa. The highlights are below.

Watch the KCCI interview HERE.

On attending the Iowa vs. Iowa State (Cy-Hawk) Game:

My plan is to go. I think it's a unique experience to be able to do a rivalry game like that, so we plan on being there and having a good time. I think we're going to do other stops and other counties throughout the day. I think we're at 53 counties you know, and we'll be able to add a number of other counties, but the game is going to be part of our travels that day.

On campaigning in Iowa and his goal to complete the "Full Grassley":

We are working from the bottom up to compete in all 99 of Iowa's counties. So far, I have visited 53 of the 99 counties. We're going to be able to knock out a few on this weekend's visit when we come up, and then we will knock out the balance of those in the ensuing months. We're looking forward to doing that, and I think you have to do it. I think one of the reasons that people get inspired to go out to caucus is because you came to their community, you shook their hand, you answered their questions--and that's what we're doing. We've been doing it and we're going to continue to do it. I do think a greater percentage of Iowans are going to start paying closer attention as we get deeper into the fall and into the winter months.

On why he's the parents' candidate:

I'm a parent of young kids ages six, five and three. Our three-year-old just started pre-k3. We've got my son, who is in kindergarten, and our oldest daughter is in first grade. We are very sensitive to what parents are going through, raising kids in this day and age, and we want to ensure that people understand we believe in parents' rights to direct the education and upbringing of their kids. We are insistent that parents have a seat at the table over these important education issues. That's something that Iowa's done a good job of under Governor Reynolds. It's something that we've done a good job of in Florida under my administration, but it's something that really should be a principle that applies nationwide. So, I am the parents' candidate. I'm the candidate that's done the most to stand up for parents and protect our children, and I'm the one that is most in tune with what parents are going through in this day and age.

Watch the Iowa News Now interview HERE.

On standing up for parents' rights and stopping the indoctrination of children:

In Florida, we've protected parents' rights, but that is not universally respected around the country, unfortunately. Parents have the right to direct the education and upbringing of their kids. That means school choice, that means curriculum transparency, that means parents are involved and have a seat at the table about what goes on in the school systems. It's very, very important. The more the parents are involved, the better the students will do. I think if you asked most teachers, [they would say that] the hardest students to reach are the ones where the parents are disengaged from the child's performance. When the parents engage, it helps the teachers be able to get the students to perform at their potential. Why would you not want parents involved? I think the people that don't want the parents involved view the parents as an impediment to using the schools to impose their agenda on the kids. That's not the appropriate thing for the schools. The schools should focus on traditional education. We should not be talking about political indoctrination.

On his proven record of leadership and service over self:

I started out by working minimum wage jobs. I'm a blue-collar kid. I come from a blue-collar family. I had opportunities because I worked hard to get ahead financially, but I decided to join the US military, the Navy, and I volunteered to serve in Iraq. I think people and Iowans appreciate candidates who put service above self, and I'm somebody that's been able to do that. I have a record of demonstrated leadership. All these important issues that we talk about, a lot of this stuff we talked about at that debate in Milwaukee, I've actually accomplished all of that in the state of Florida. From fighting illegal immigration, to supporting second amendment, to running big budget surpluses and paying down our state debt to doing school choice, to doing parents' rights, to protecting people against COVID authoritarianism and vaccine mandates--we've done all of those things in the state of Florida, and I think Republican voters, particularly Iowans, you know, I think they think talk is cheap. I think they want you to show them why you're the leader that they can trust, and I have that demonstrated track record of being a strong leader that differentiates me from the other folks that are running.

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