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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - Ron DeSantis on Cavuto Live

January 06, 2024

"We beat Soros, we beat Fauci, we've done all this... I'm more reflective of the conservative values that you see here in Iowa."

DES MOINES, Iowa – Ron DeSantis today joined Cavuto Live on Fox News Channel. The highlights are below.

Watch part one HERE and part two HERE.

On his ground game and organization ahead of the Iowa Caucuses:

You got to win a majority of the delegates. I mean, you know this is a lengthy, dynamic process. I actually like when people try to count me out in the underdog. That gives us a great opportunity to really put points on the board and surprise some people. But look, we've done it right here. We've gone to all 99 counties, we visited folks, we go and take questions from voters every single day. I show up to town halls on TV. We're going to do one with Fox next week, we show up to debates. We do all this stuff, and that's how you got to do it to do well in the Iowa caucus. And I think you know that this is not like a normal primary election where you just punch your ticket and go home. You know, this is a commitment. It's going to be probably very cold weather. We've got snow -- I'm in Dubuque right now, there's snow on the ground, much different from what we've got in Florida, and it's probably going to be even a lot colder then. People are going to come. So we've got an army of committed people that are going to go. We're adding more every day, we've got great organization, and this is traditionally the way you got to do it. So I'm proud of all the effort that we have. And I'm proud that we're going to be able to bring this to great fruition here very shortly.

On why he's the best candidate for Iowans:

The way I view the primary is this: Donald Trump's running for his issues, Nikki Haley's running for her donors' issues, I'm running for your issues, your family's issues, and the issues that are affecting his country. That's my sole focus. And I have a record to back that up of delivering on 100% of my promises in the state of Florida and taking on the left and beating the left. No other one running has done. I mean, just now, I think you guys saw some of the reports about the teacher union because of the reforms we did in Florida to say you can't do automatic deduction of union dues. Now, because we've empowered teachers, a lot of them aren't joining. And the Dade County teacher union, third largest in the country, is on the brink of decertification. When has a Republican ever fought and won against them. We beat Soros, we beat Fauci, we've done all this. So that's, I think, what really separates us. I'm more reflective of the conservative values that you see here in Iowa. I know the other two candidates, and particularly somebody like Nikki Haley, you know, she was in New Hampshire saying that Iowa's votes need to be corrected by other states. That has gone over like a lead balloon here in the state of Iowa. I can tell you that. And you know, Donald Trump has not been willing to answer questions. He doesn't do the type of meet and greets and town halls that are a staple here. He hasn't been willing to participate in any debates. In fact, you know, we did have a debate. We have a debate scheduled, I accepted, Haley accepted, he declined, and then he scheduled a town hall on Fox News Channel where he could have easily debated. So there's a contrast here. And I think that, ultimately, we're the ones that's going to have earned the votes.

On how Nikki Haley is running to be Trump's VP:

I want to make an impact, Neil. I'm in office to be able to deliver results to people, and to take a position where you're not going to be able to deliver results for anyone, that just doesn't appeal to me. I do think, though, it's interesting. She refuses to rule out whether she would be Donald Trump's running mate if Trump were to be the nominee. And that's, I think, important because she's really catered to a lot of Democrat donors, Democrat-leaning voters, a lot of people that are basically very anti-Trump and have actually donated a lot of money in the past to oppose Donald Trump. And so they're viewing her as the vessel to be an anti-Trumper. And yet, she will not roll this out. So the question is, why can't she just give a straight answer? Either yes, you would accept, or no, you would not. And instead, we get the typical politician speak.

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