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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - Ron and Casey DeSantis Highlight Success of Mamas for DeSantis in Iowa

December 08, 2023

Des Moines, IA - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis were in the Hawkeye State today for a Mamas for DeSantis Toy Drive Event in West Des Moines announcing major news about the success of Mamas for DeSantis in Iowa and speaking to local media.

Ron DeSantis started his day by joining Fred Hofmann on KCPS where he said:

"I just show up, and I'm happy to articulate my vision for the country. I'm happy to articulate all the things I've actually delivered on in Florida -- because you have a lot of rhetoric on the debate stage, and people say we need to do this, we need to do that. I'm the one that's actually done it all."

Listen to the full interview HERE.

Later in the day, Ron and Casey DeSantis joined Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa Senate President Amy Sinclair at a Mamas for DeSantis Toy Drive event to speak with Iowans about why Ron DeSantis will never back down in the fight to empower parents and protect kids.

On the importance of Mamas for DeSantis, First Lady Casey DeSantis said:

"It's one thing when the policies are coming after us as moms, we can litigate that we can go to school board meetings, we can talk to the legislature, but when you are coming after our kids, and you're using our kids as a vehicle to advance your ideology, particularly behind our backs without our consent, man, that's when the claws come out. So, we have taken this now nationally, particularly here in Iowa, where we have representation in all 99 counties, Mama's leadership in all 99 counties."

Watch the full event HERE.

Ron DeSantis also joined Iowa Press, where he discussed an array of issues that matter to Iowans, including his plan to provide better educational opportunities and how he will deliver the wins he fought for in Florida nationally.

Watch the full interview HERE.

"Also, in terms of the results, I'm somebody that has fought the good fight on behalf of conservative voters. Not all Republicans do that, of course, some of them cave. I've said it, but I've won these big fights. Yes elections, but we've delivered results. If you look at all the problems that our voters are identifying, all the people responsible for that, when they try to do thing in Florida, we beat them. You know, we beat the teachers union in getting school choice. We beat George Soros by removing two of these radical prosecutors. We beat Fauci on Covid. We beat the Dems on election integrity. So I have a record of delivering results that is second to none," Ron DeSantis said.

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