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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: Ron DeSantis on Your World with Neil Cavuto

October 31, 2023

"I think the House is right on this. I think what they're doing to provide robust support for Israel, while also paying for it, is the way to go."

Tallahassee, FL - Ron DeSantis today joined Neil Cavuto live on Fox News Channel's Your World with Neil Cavuto. The highlights are below.

Watch the full interview HERE.

On his support for the House GOP's Israel aid package:

I don't think that there should be a big omnibus package. I think the House is right on this. I think what they're doing to provide robust support for Israel, while also paying for it, is the way to go. Israel's a great ally of ours. We are going to support their right to defend themselves. We have a long-standing military relationship. We will continue providing them support so that they can fight and win this war. And we should all agree on that. At the same time, we're also $33-plus trillion in debt. So when you're supporting Israel, which we should do, I think what the House did to say let's pare back in other areas, that represents sound judgment. That's what the Congress should be doing when these things happen, as a matter of course. So my hope is that they can do the Israel, get that done, and I think that the American people will actually be impressed, for a change, to see Congress actually making decisions, actually having to set priorities, and helping an ally, while at the same time not continuing to bankrupt this country.

On the key differences between him and Nikki Haley:

I've been much clearer on Israel. I mean, I said from the beginning, no Gaza refugees, you know, she said that America has been able to separate terrorists from freedom fighters and that's what we have to do. Now, she backtracked on that, but I've been very clear, no refugees. I've also been very clear, canceling student visas for pro-Hamas demonstrators. I've also been very clear, no taxpayer money to Hamas. They say it's humanitarian assistance, but the reality is Hamas will commandeer that and they will use that to advance terrorism, which is what they've been doing for over a decade. So we've been leading on all those issues. We've been standing very strong for the US Israel relationship and we've really kind of set the debate I think, in a way that's been very productive and other candidates have had to follow suit from what we've said. Now her position on basically a blank check for Ukraine that is not popular with Republican voters. You know, the federal government has paid, has borrowed money to send to pay the salaries of Ukrainian bureaucrats, the pension for Ukrainian bureaucrats. And actually, if you look at Israel, 75 years of friendship, we've done about 158 billion over 75 years. The US just in the last year and a half, two years is done 120-125 billion. So those are definitely different issues and I think that voters see them differently. And that's the thing as the president, as Commander in Chief, you have to be able to take each issue as you find it, you can't have a one size fits all solution to everything. So we've been right on Israel leading the way on that, we'll continue to do that and stand strong.

On holding Iran accountable and protecting US troops:

I look at all these attacks that are going against us positions in the Middle East. And seems like Biden is has people there that are effectively sitting ducks. They're there and probably too small numbers to really do a whole lot, but they're in sufficient numbers. Were there an inviting target, and the response to those attacks has been abysmal. What they they bombed a couple empty IRGC buildings. So he's inviting more attacks against our troops. They're not doing anything to hold Iran accountable. And yes, the direct response to these attacks, and these are places like Al Assad airbase where guys like me on active duty, I mean, I was there back in the day 1515 years ago. So So that's long standing positions for US forces. But it's not just that it's he has not turned the screws on the Iranians financially since this happened. He gave them huge relief from oil revenue from the oil sanctions, Iran's gotten a lot of revenue from that he still hasn't taken back the $6 billion. So you gotta get to understand Iran is the root of all the problems for what's going on in that region. And they're not doing enough. I think that they think that they can get a deal with Iran to this day, which is not going to happen.

On his momentum in Iowa:

We're going to win Iowa and it's important. Obviously, you need to win a majority of the delegates. That's the thing. But the one thing I would point out, I mean, you know, some of these polls, even that poll in Iowa that you reference, it showed that I have the highest percentage of Iowa caucus goers who are considering me who would consider voting for me even higher than Donald Trump and then I had the highest net favorability of any by a pretty significant margin. So I think our work in Iowa has been good. We've covered a lot of the counties, we've gotten a lot of support that's been generated, and I think we've created a good impression. Now it's up to us over these next 80 days to bring that in for a landing. And when people go out to caucus that I'm the guy that they're voting for. But we start right now in this final stretch. One, we are in the in the best position in terms of our view, of how the electorate views us, and I think that that's a testament to the hard work. A lot of this stuff has not been glamorous. It's not gotten a lot of headlines. We're going to small counties, and we're meeting people and we're shaking their hand and we're answering their questions, but that's what you should do. That's the way these things are won and lost.

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