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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: Ron DeSantis on The Balance with Eric Bolling

October 23, 2023

"This isn't just some random skirmish. I mean, they're fighting for their existence against people that would like to see a second holocaust."

Tallahassee, FL - Ron DeSantis today joined Newsmax's The Balance with Eric Bolling. The highlights are below.

Watch the full interview HERE.

On his trip to Fenway Park:

My wife and I are up here with our five year old son Mason, who's a big baseball guy, and we took him to the field we did a tour, he got to go up on the green monster, he got to run the bases, he got to go out and inside the monster where they do the scoreboard and I tried to explain to him how it's one of the most famous parks in baseball, he got excited, and I think he had a really good time. But Eric, anyone that appreciates baseball, and I know you do, there's certain venues that are really really special and Fenway Park is one of those. I remember the first time I went many years ago, and it's definitely something you'll always remember. Big deal, big deal, no question. That's special.

On protecting US interests while supporting Israel:

I think Israel, they're capable of handling Hezbollah as well. I mean, Hezbollah, you know, they do pack some firepower. But I think this is something that Israel, they got a massive military, they've called up all their reserves, I think they would be able to handle it. So we would support them in that if it needed to be. But I don't anticipate it would be something that would draw the United States. And I think that we have to be careful about getting a meshed in a war in the Middle East, partially because China is really going to take advantage of this situation. And you just find yourself $33 trillion in debt as it is, a very weakened defense industrial base, of course, a president that's not leading on anything. And that is an invitation for Chinese aggression. So I do agree, we got to be careful about how that plays out. But I do think Israel is capable of defending itself the way it needs to in this situation without needlessly provoking some type of white wider war.

On why funding for Israel and Ukraine should be separate:

Well, they are different, they should be treated separately, it should not be bundled together. And you raised a good point, which I think those guys in DC don't talk about enough. We have scarce resources, there's only so much that we can do with our defense industrial base being the way it is. We've already taking taken ammo from stockpiles in Israel and diverted to Ukraine in the past. Now they're looking to see where they go further stockpiles. And it's not just those two theaters, of course, because the largest threat that we face as Americans is from the Chinese Communist Party. And clearly Biden has not done what is necessary to fortify our defenses in the Indo Pacific. He's not doing what's necessary to deter China from seeking its ambitions to dominate the Pacific. So you have all these things that need to be considered. I think for Israel, it's important to point out that in perspective, the federal government has given $120, $100 and $30 billion to Ukraine in the last two years. The United States has given Israel for its 75-year history, about $158 billion. So what they've done with Ukraine is so much over and above anything that's ever approached with Israel. I don't think in Israel, I think we just need to be supportive of them publicly. I think privately, we want to say do what you got to do, yes, whatever ongoing military support we have with Iron Dome and all that we should continue that, but I don't think it's going to be a situation where America is going to need to take a lead in that. I don't think it's our war. I do think it's Israel's war.

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