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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: Ron DeSantis on Newsmax's The Balance with Eric Bolling

November 28, 2023

"[Nikki Haley] tends to side with the large corporations, and she tends to side with the establishment interests...that is not going to be good for her with Republican voters."

DES MOINES, Iowa – Ron DeSantis today joined Newsmax's The Balance with Eric Bolling. The highlights are below.

Watch the full interview HERE.

On how Nikki Haley isn't really the conservative she claims to be:

I think she's been all over the map. I think she's tried to signal different policies to different people. But I think this is part of a larger pattern with her, where she's really tried to ingratiate herself with the political and economic establishments. And those establishments have failed this country. Candidates that are establishment candidates will not win elections in this country nationally because of the failures of the policy. So, for example, she has said that there should be no limits on immigration, it should be determined by corporations and CEOs. I don't agree with that at all. I think immigration should be about what's best for Americans and American workers. She also had a proposal for social media censorship, where she said day one of her presidency, she wants everyone to have to give their name to get on social media. Well, Eric, you've covered the censorship of conservatives, how people have been singled out, cancel culture. People have had their lives ruined because of this type of stuff. So that was her policy on day one that she's done. And then when we stood up in Florida to fight for the well-being of our kids in school and not have sexualized curriculum and transgenderism injected in elementary school, we had to take on the biggest company in Florida, Disney. And I did that because I had to stand up for the kids and parents. It was the right thing to do. Nikki Haley sided with Disney. So she tends to side with the large corporations, and she tends to side with the establishment interests. Ultimately, you know, she can try to obfuscate, but as voters see that, you know, that is not going to be good for her with Republican voters.

BOLLING: Nikki Haley won't come back on the show, she had been on several times, because I did call her out for that censorship of requiring social media to make people state your name and where you're from in order to post. It's a censorship of the First Amendment. It's not free speech anymore. She won't come back on. Well you invited her on but she's mad.

On Biden's failures as commander-in-chief:

I think what happens is if you have troops in harm's way, and somebody takes a pot shot at them, you've got to respond with sufficient force, so that you're deterring that from happening in the future. I think what Biden's doing is he's basically going through the motions, he's inviting more attacks on our troops -- a lot of these troops, I'm not even sure what their core mission is. So you have to act in ways that are going to deter rather than invite attacks against your troops. Biden is failing our troops, and he's failing the country... Biden won't even do the sanctions. I mean, he could turn the screws that will stop some of this oil money from going there. That will make it harder for them to fund operations and terrorism, so he should definitely do that. But my policy would be very simple. If you harm the hair on a head of an American servicemember, we are going to respond, and you're going to have hell to pay.

On the importance of debating:

I think that, regardless of whether Donald Trump would participate, Newsmax should be given a debate. So you have my support. I'm doing that. I think it's important. Look, I think obviously Donald Trump should debate. I mean, we're in a situation where the country is at a crossroads here. We've got to put our best foot forward. We need people to be able to kick the tires on all the candidates and make sure that they're able to do what we need to do. I mean, we know -- look, the Democrats are laying low right now. They know as soon as, if Trump were to be the nominee, they are going to unload a can of everything the corporate media is going to start doing, we know all that. So he needs to be able to explain how he's going to be able to navigate that, to be able to be successful. I can be successful because I can show you my track record in Florida of getting the job done. But I'm all for the debates. I want to come on Newsmax. Let's get Donald Trump or not. You guys should be doing a debate for the Republicans.

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