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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: Ron DeSantis' Exclusive Sit-Down with Glenn Beck

September 23, 2023

"Society needs to be grounded in truth. And if you're telling me a man can get pregnant, you're telling me a man can become a woman. That is not true. I'm not going to accept that as true, and I'm not going to be complicit in a lie."

Tallahassee, FL - Ron DeSantis sat down for an exclusive, in-studio interview with Glenn Beck. The highlights are below.

Watch the full interview HERE.

On reversing Bidenomics:

You want to know why gas and groceries and home prices, and all this, why has that ballooned to where people that are doing everything right, people that are working hard, trying to raise their families, but the American Dream has slipped away from them? That is happening because of what business as usual in Washington has brought to them. So if you want to continue on the status quo, you are saying that you are committed to shutting down opportunity and continuing to shut down the American Dream for people. So we have to do a different way. We just cannot possibly go in this direction. And I think people realize that what's happened in Washington is the cause of all the problems that they've had. So the people that are defending the status quo, they're the ones that have caused the problem. Wouldn't you want to change, when you see all the trouble you've put so many people through, how people are now struggling, more than they have probably in my whole adult lifetime, just to do the necessities of life?

On if a man can become a woman:

No. How ridiculous that we're even asking that question. And you know, sometimes people will knock me because they'll say that 'he's talking about woke, and you shouldn't worry about it.' Like people say, 'who cares about it, right?' Society needs to be grounded in truth. And if you're telling me a man can get pregnant, you're telling me a man can become a woman. That is not true. I'm not going to accept that as true, and I'm not going to be complicit in a lie. And if our society is built on a mountain of lies, even on those issues, which maybe some people don't care as much about, how are you going to have a situation where you're going to get things right? So being rooted in truth, the truth will set you free is very, very important.

On reviving America's energy dominance:

Our mantra is, we want the United States to be energy dominant. Why would we want that? Well, it's good for consumers. Americans can go and get gas for $2 instead of $4. And I think it's going to go a lot higher than $4, unfortunately. Businesses will thrive. It affects everything we buy in terms of the prices, so it gives people relief, jobs, industrial base. National security, though, this is the one thing that we have that would give us an advantage over China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, you name it. This is the closest thing to a silver bullet that we have.

On his Day One priorities as President:

We'll do a lot on the first day. We will declare the border a national emergency. We're going to take all the Biden's EOs, particularly on the economy, and throw those in the trash can, so we can get America moving again. And there'll be a whole host of other things. We're going to nix CBDC on day one, central bank digital currency. Not going to happen under my watch. So there'll be a bunch of things. But I think that the border, that's a core attribute of sovereignty. You're either a country or you're not. And we've got to get that one right, so that'll be you know, 12:30 or whenever you're done giving the speech, you're going to have to sign that one in.

On bringing back constitutional accountability:

We're going to be rolling out our way to slay the administrative state. I've talked about it a little bit, but we're going to put it out and do an event where we kind of list all the different levers that are available for you to push. There are levers. Now look, they're going to fight back, they're going to sue you. It's not like everyone's just going to lay down, but there are a lot of levers that Republican presidents have not been willing to push, because I think a lot of them come in thinking that they can win these people over or hope that they can win these people over, and you can't. They have accumulated power, and they're not going to give it back willingly. And what's happening, in terms of the weaponization of this federal power, the founding fathers would have predicted this. When you have power accumulate without constitutional accountability, human nature being what it is, they are going to abuse their power. That's just the reality. So we've got to bring the constitutional accountability back.

On Donald Trump's criticisms of Florida's heartbeat bill:

It's one thing to say that there are strategic judgments that can be made about how to advance the cause. But that's something different than saying once a state has already enacted protections, to castigate that as being something that's terrible. And here's the thing, the damage that he did with that is more than just his campaign. There's going to be potentially on the ballot in Florida a referendum for a constitutional amendment to basically have abortion on demand. The left is pursuing it. And if that passes, that means the legislature can never do anything to protect life. Do you think they're going to run ads to Republicans and independents showing Trump voters saying 'Trump didn't like this, vote the other way for us?' Of course they are. They're going to weaponize what he said to try to defeat the cause of life.

On Joe Biden's impeachment inquiry:

I think that the corruption is real. I think they should be inquiring and investigating, but you know, he should be impeached for the border. He is derelict in the performance of his duties. He took an oath to ensure that the laws of this country were faithfully executed, and he has flagrantly violated his oath of office. That is definitely an impeachable offense. And so I think on that dereliction of duty, that's the cleanest case that they should do. I do think they should be getting the information on the corruption, and I think there is real corruption with the Biden family.

Ron DeSantis, DeSantis Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: Ron DeSantis' Exclusive Sit-Down with Glenn Beck Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/367806

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