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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - Haley in "Hot Water" with Iowans After Belittling Iowa Caucusgoers

January 04, 2024

"Nikki Haley shows Hillary Clinton-esque contempt for Iowa voters."

DES MOINES, Iowa — Nikki Haley continues to face backlash after telling Iowans their votes need to be "corrected."

Here's what they are saying:

Kim Reynolds: I trust Iowans to make their own decisions. No "corrections" needed!

Chip Roy: All voters in Iowa should be on notice that @NikkiHaley thinks that Iowans must be "corrected." So, about all that donor money spent attacking @RonDeSantis… #DeSantis2024 #DeSantisDelivers

Thomas Massie: Does she think that people in Iowa won't hear what she says about them in New Hampshire?

Bob Vander Plaats: These comments by @NikkiHaley are very telling regarding her status in Iowa. And, this admission of getting beat in the Hawkeye state gives Chrystal clear clarity and renewed conviction to Iowans as they Caucus for @RonDeSantis on January 15. #BeTheMovement

Steve Deace: I'd blanket the state with this as an ad the final week, and then watch Nikki finish in single digits.

Dr. Cody Hoefert: Hey #IowaCaucus voters can we finally agree that Nikki Haley is not deserving of our caucus vote? You can't insult every Iowan then expect them to caucus for you. It's over Nikki you just don't know it yet.

Rep. John Dunwell: Wow…@NikkiHaley just keeps getting it wrong.

Miranda Devine: What a shocker.

David Axelrod: This @NikkiHaley NH pitch would probably be smarter AFTER the caucuses. It's probably not going to land well with Iowans, who might take umbrage at the idea of having to be "corrected!"

Byron York: They're not gonna like this in Iowa...

AP's Seung Min Kim: Whoo boy

KCCI: Haley "took a shot at Iowa"

WOI: Haley in "hot water after comments"

CNN Inside Politics Report: Dana Bash: While Iowa votes first, it looks like Nikki Haley wants to skip ahead to New Hampshire... Jeff you heard people laughing in New Hampshire. Are you hearing that same kind of laughter in Iowa?

Jeff Zeleny: Not quite as much. We will see if the town hall audience here responds in that way. My guess is no.

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