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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - A Full Day in Iowa for DeSantis

November 03, 2023

DeSantis hits county #87 on his mission to complete the "Full Grassley"

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Ron DeSantis was back in the Hawkeye State today for another jam-packed day of activities. The five events and multiple press hits DeSantis completed today is just another reminder of how his work ethic in Iowa is unmatched.

DeSantis started off the morning with a live radio interview on WHO's Need to Know with Jeff Angelo.

"Do you not think that our enemies have sent people across that border since Biden's been in office and opened the border? Do you not think that terrorists have gotten in? We know, our federal government has said the terrorist watch list, you have 140 by their own admission that have come in. So that represents a major security vulnerability for this country. So I think the Congress needs to insist on full border security legislation. Some of its funding, but honestly, most of it's just changing policy so that this doesn't keep happening. But that is a huge threat to this country. I'll end it on day one."

Listen to the full interview here.

Then, he kicked off his public events with a stop for breakfast at Penny's Diner in Harrison County, where he was greeted by cheers and applause from a full crowd.

After that, he visited the Onawa Veterans Museum in Monona County, where he met with Iowa veterans and their families. At the event, voters told KCAU News and KTIV News why they supported DeSantis:

"I think he's the right leader for the right time. He's also someone that, if elected, isn't a one-termer because he can run again. And those are all good things that we need for this country because we are in trouble. We need help."

"A lot of the same ideas, but he's going to present them in a gentlemanly or manly way that's not going to come off like it does with Trump."

In the afternoon, DeSantis joined America Reports on Fox News Channel live with Sandra Smith and John Roberts. Watch the full interview here.

DeSantis continued the swing with a meet and greet at Bella Sera in Crawford County.

For dinner, he stopped at Bett and Bev's BBQ in Greene County, bumping the county count up to 87.

He finished off the day with a meet and greet in Polk County at Destination Grille.

At the meet and greet, DeSantis slammed the Biden administration for their failed evacuation efforts to bring Americans back from Israel:

"That just shows you that these people in D.C., these elites, they put the American people last in almost everything they do. They have their own agenda. If you don't conform to that agenda, then they're not going to be there to help you out."

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