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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - DeSantis Hits Five More Counties on Second Day of Three-day Swing in Iowa

October 08, 2023

Tallahassee, FL - The DeSantis family had an action-packed Sunday, hitting five new Iowa counties (reaching 67 out of 99) on the mission to complete the 'Full Grassley.' Today is the second day of DeSantis' three-day bus tour as a special guest with Never Back Down.

DeSantis started off the morning by stopping at a Hy-Vee grocery store in Henry County to have a cup of coffee with Iowans before heading to church.

Then, he and the family attended a church service at Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington County. DeSantis addressed the congregation:

"Our rights do not come from the government, they come from the Lord our God. And that begins with the right to life itself," said Ron DeSantis. "And when some people say that signing legislation to protect the right to life — like we did in Florida with the heartbeat bill, like your governor in Iowa did with the heartbeat bill — anyone who tells you that that's somehow a 'terrible thing' is not standing for the right to life."

DeSantis then held a completely packed meet-and-greet at Refuge City Church in Cedar Rapids.

"It's important that we as Americans say to terrorists all around the world: you do not harm one hair on the head of an American citizen, or else you will have hell to pay," he said.

DeSantis was asked by a reporter for his response to potential Americans harmed in the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel. DeSantis replied,

"I haven't seen anything confirmed, but clearly, anybody that knows Israel knows that there are a lot of Americans that live there, that study there...the State Department, the Administration, they need to identify if there are any Americans that have been harmed, if there are any Americans that are being held hostage. That's something that's very important. And of course, we owe a responsibility to be able to defend our people."

He hit county #66 with a stop at The Crow Bar in Buchanan County.

Then, the family enjoyed some time at the Zumbach Family Farm in Delaware County. Senator Zumbach is the longtime chair of the Iowa Senate Agriculture Committee and has endorsed Gov. DeSantis ahead of the caucus.

DeSantis closed out the evening at a fundraiser with Iowa State Senator Dan Zumbach, reaching county #67.

During the day, DeSantis' interview with Iowa's KTVO aired, where he said, "The reason why Iran got that money was because the Biden administration relief sanctions, they had oil money flowing in that they shouldn't have had." Watch the full segment HERE.

DeSantis' interviews with Fox News and Newsmax also aired today. Watch the Fox News segment HERE and the Newsmax segment HERE.

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