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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - Backlash to Nikki Haley's Insult to Iowans Showcased in New DeSantis Campaign Digital Ad

January 06, 2024

DES MOINES, Iowa – In a new digital ad released today, the Ron DeSantis for President campaign showcased the backlash Nikki Haley is facing in the Hawkeye State following the insult she hurled at Iowans earlier this week that they would need their votes "corrected" by New Hampshire.

The new ad features footage from DeSantis' NBC /Des Moines Register interview earlier this week when he said, "I think it's a slap in the face to Iowans to say that they somehow need to be corrected...She is phony. She doesn't have a core set of convictions, she is coming in here, she's trying to be relatable but just doesn't get Iowa. I've gone to all 99 counties, I've spoken with people all across this state, you have people that are hardworking, God-fearing, patriotic — they represent the backbone of this country, so they don't need correcting."

Haley's cleanup attempts this week have only poured salt on the wound for Iowans, as she said yesterday that she will "change" her "personality" after the Iowa Caucus concludes.

Watch "Slap in the Face" HERE.

Here is more of what they are saying about Haley's insult to Iowans:

Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis on KFAB : What I've heard more than anything else from Iowans -- and I've been getting out on the phones, I've been knocking on doors, I've been going around and meeting with people and doing coffees -- they do not appreciate what Nikki Haley said in New Hampshire when she said Iowa starts it and New Hampshire corrects it. Iowans do not need to be corrected. You know, Iowa embodies everything that we are fighting to protect -- faith, family, hard work, and decency. For her to say that the people of Iowa need to be corrected, I think it is extremely disrespectful. And we are so appreciative and honored that we're able to participate and go out and make the case to all the people of this state.

Rep. Chip Roy on Fox & Friends: The people in Iowa, recognize that while Nikki Haley goes to New Hampshire and says, New Hampshire needs to correct Iowan people in Iowa get they get to make a decision here to set the stage for Americans?

PJ Media's Matt Margolis: This week, in a joint interview with NBC News correspondent Dasha Burns and Brianne Pfannenstiel, chief politics reporter at the Des Moines Register, she botched what should have been an easy question. "But what about Hunter Biden—the president's kid—if he were convicted? Would you pardon him?" asked Dasha Burns. "I mean, I'm not even going to think about that. I don't even know what they've found him guilty on yet," Haley replied. Now, it was a stupid question to begin, but it should have been a simple, unequivocal "no." But, for whatever reason, Haley gave an absurdly equivocal response.

CBS News' Zak Hudak: What stood out to me from Nikki Haley was her having to backtrack earlier in the week saying in New Hampshire, that Iowa starts things off and then New Hampshire corrects it. That was her kind of saying out loud what everyone is thinking. She does not have a very good shot in Iowa... In that town hall, she was saying the reality -- that she needs still to do well in Iowa, even if she's strong in New Hampshire. If she finishes, say fourth, say Vivek Ramaswamy beats her out in Iowa, she's going to have real problems going into New Hampshire.

Wall Street Journal's John McCormick: Talking about the early nomination calendar, @nikkihaley said on today's recording of @IowaPress: "The structure of it is really pretty amazing: that Iowa starts it, you change personalities, you go into New Hampshire, and they continue it on..."

POLITICO's Daniel Lippman: We saw Nikki Haley talk about how New Hampshire corrects what Iowa does, which is not always the case and it's never a good idea to insult the first state and the intelligence of the voters there.

Breitbart's Wendell Husebo: Nikki Haley Says She Will 'Change Personalities' on Campaign Trail

Newsmax's Addison Smith: Haley has struggled to avoid negative criticism recently, at a CNN town hall on Thursday, for example, while trying to clean up her civil war gaffe, Haley said that she grew up with black friends. This comes just a few days after Haley made her comments that the Iowa caucuses are going to need to be corrected by the New Hampshire primary, something that DeSantis slammed on Friday as an insult to the entire state.

Townhall's Bonchie: She's so awful at this.

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