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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - 603 Day: Ron DeSantis in New Hampshire with Governor Sununu

October 24, 2023

Tallahassee, FL - After a fun day in Boston yesterday visiting Fenway Park and filing for the Massachusetts ballot, Ron DeSantis continued his New England visit with an action-packed day in New Hampshire. Ron DeSantis, along with Casey DeSantis and 5-year-old Mason, went all around the Granite State with New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.

The group kicked off the day with coffee at the Red Arrow Diner in Londonderry.

At Red Arrow Diner, DeSantis said in a press gaggle,

"What Donald Trump does now, he is wedded to the teleprompter. He can't get off that teleprompter. Any time he does, he says things like 'Don't vote.' He's telling people not to vote like we have all the votes we need. Really? Like wait a minute. You lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016. You don't have all the votes you need...this is a different Donald Trump than 2015 and 2016."

Then, DeSantis and Sununu joined radio host Jack Heath live in-studio on his show Good Morning New Hampshire. Listen to the full interview HERE.

For lunch, they stopped at Popovers in Epping, and then enjoyed a sweet treat afterwards at Beach Plum.

The governor and Mason even stopped to throw a football around!

During the day, DeSantis did a pull aside interview with Fox Digital's Paul Steinhauser, in which he highlighted the policy differences he has with Nikki Haley on China.

"It's very jarring to see her, in her own words, talk about how she wants to roll out the red carpet for the CCP. I did the opposite in Florida. We banned the CCP from purchasing land in Florida. We didn't give them any free land. So that's an honest difference of policy, who do you trust to lead? Somebody that's actually stood up to China, or somebody that rolled out the red carpet for China?"

In the afternoon, DeSantis held a meet and greet with employees of Sig Sauer in Newington.

DeSantis wrapped up the day as a special guest at a townhall in Rye hosted by Never Back Down, alongside Governor Sununu. In his opening remarks, Sununu praised DeSantis' leadership, saying,

"Having a governor that understands how to mobilize infrastructure, how to react in a crisis, how not to wilt, how not to just play political games and political stunts and political headlines, just getting stuff done because at the end of the day, it's all about the results. That's an amazing opportunity we have. I'm going to remind everyone- you want to win in November? Then let's get behind a winner for November."

During the day, DeSantis and Sununu joined Adam Sexton for an interview that aired on WMUR's evening news. When asked by Sexton how he was connecting with New Hampshire voters, DeSantis replied,

"That's why you show up. That's why you deliver the message and talk about the successes we've had in Florida and talk about how you parlay that into turning this country around because I think Republican, independent, even a lot of Democrats now, they know the country's on the Skids."

Watch the full segment on WMUR's News at Five HERE and News at Six HERE.

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