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Delaney Campaign Press Release - Delaney Sees Hard Work in Rural Iowa Paying Off, Releases New List of Endorsements

September 05, 2019

DES MOINES, IA – Today, 2020 Presidential candidate, John Delaney released another round of endorsements from Iowa Democratic leaders and activists.

"From the very early stages of my campaign, I made a commitment to going everywhere and talking to everyone including those who feel left behind in rural Iowa," said Congressman John Delaney. "I've made a long-term investment of resources in the state, and we are starting to see those efforts pay off. The people I talk to in Iowa aren't concerned about impeachment or what is trending on Twitter. They're concerned about pocket-book issues, the need for universal healthcare and how to leave this world a better place for their children and grandchildren."

"I'm very proud to have the endorsements of these individuals who are doing the important grassroots work of growing their local county parties. At the end of the day, Democrats want a candidate who can defeat Donald Trump, and I believe I have the background and policies to defeat Trump in November. People in Iowa are now really starting to pay attention to the Iowa Caucuses. I intend to stay in the race, and I plan on staying in the conversation and continue to win the support of Iowans one by one."

Earlier this week, retired Des Moines Register, Chuck Offenburger, endorsed Delaney's candidacy with his column: As Labor Day starts the stretch run in Iowa of the presidential race to our caucuses, our columnist endorses "Real Deal" Democrat John Delaney

"Our country needs someone who can rise above the division and dissolution to get things done for the American people in urban and rural communities all across the nation," said retired teacher, Susan Wulf Osvald. "I believe John Delaney has the right mix of government and business experience to go head to head with Trump in 2020 and the right mix of intelligence, honesty, love of the American way of life, and empathy for Iowans and Americans from all walks of life to lead our country forward and restore decency, experience, and integrity to the presidency."

"I support John Delaney for president because he has the experience as a successful entrepreneur to solve economic problems," said Stan Watkins, retired Coe College Chemistry Professor. "His moderate-progressive proposals are realistic. He has the temperament and integrity to solve human problems."

"As an educator, I am happy that one of his priorities is education," stated Brandi Parsons, Adult Education and Literacy Advocate. "Improving education is not an easy task to undertake - and when I asked him about his plan for addressing the inequities in education, he was very honest. He knows it is something that needs to be addressed - and he's prepared to do something that many others filling the political stage right now are not doing."

Full List of Endorsements
Susan Wulf Osvald - Retired teacher and farmer, Audubon County
Mike and Shari Minnehan - Farmers and Activists, Greene County
Bill Monroe - Retired Pharmacist, Greene County
George Rodriguez - Shelby County Affirmative Action Chair, Shelby County
Janis Lustgraaf - Pottawattamie County Democrats Rural Caucus Group Member
Kent Redding - First-time Caucusgoer, Pottawattamie County
Lori Bliss - Pottawattamie County Democrats Activist
Stan Watkins - Retired Coe College Professor, Linn County
Rita Purdin - Iowa County Democrats Treasurer
Brandi Parsons - Adult Education and Literacy Advocate, Linn County
Donna Crum - Mills County Democrats Chair***
Twyla Peacock - Van Buren County Democrats Chair***
Nancy Camardo - Wayne County Democrats Chair***
Chuck Offenburger- Retired Des Moines Register columnist, Greene County***

***Denotes previous public endorsements

John Delaney, Delaney Campaign Press Release - Delaney Sees Hard Work in Rural Iowa Paying Off, Releases New List of Endorsements Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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