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Delaney Campaign Press Release - Delaney Airs Fourth Campaign Ad in Iowa

March 23, 2018

WASHINGTON – Congressman John K. Delaney's fourth campaign spot began airing in Iowa last night. The 60-second ad titled "Families" shows Delaney through the years; from his time growing up in a blue-collar family to his career as a successful entrepreneur. Before being elected to Congress, Delaney founded and led two publicly-traded companies.

The spot will run in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids markets.

Last month, Delaney aired three ads "Dirty Word" , "Early" and " Jobs" as part of a million-dollar, month-long Iowa television buy that began on Super Bowl Sunday. Delaney will be back in Iowa for his eighth campaign trip to the Hawkeye State the first week of April. To date, Delaney has campaigned in 41 counties in Iowa.

The ad's script:

Voice over:

You might say family is never very far from John Delaney's mind

The one he grew up in, the one he has now, and the ones he's running for

All those working and middle-class families looking for someone to say,

"we see you and we won't rest until we help you."

John came from a working family

The son of a union electrician whose labor union scrounged up the scholarship money to send John to college

He went back every year to thank them

But thought the best way would be putting that education to good use

He did

Creating companies dedicated to helping small businesses the big banks ignored

Little guys just looking for a hand up

Once upon a time, that was him

In Congress, he never stopped fighting for them

So John will keep talking about …



Voice over:

Because if you want to help working families, it starts there

We know it's early,

but when it comes to helping America's families, it's pretty late in the day

John Delaney for president

John Delaney, Delaney Campaign Press Release - Delaney Airs Fourth Campaign Ad in Iowa Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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