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Cruz Campaign Press Release - The South is #CruzCountry

August 13, 2015

"Cruz's Southern Advantage"

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. — Today, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz concludes his #CruzCountry #CruzToVictory tour through the southern states that comprise the so-called "SEC Primary" where he has consistently drawn overflow crowds. Below is sampling of some of the coverage:

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Highlights from the Road

POLITICO: Cruz's Southern Advantage

At one event in a Nashville suburb Monday, Cruz attracted a crowd of more than 2,000 to an arts center, where he was mobbed after his speech by well-wishers hoping to shake his hand or have him sign copies of his book. The next day, Cruz's two Mississippi stops drew hundreds of people. At Sweetpea's Table restaurant here in Olive Branch, the line to get in stretched a block long after the fire marshal locked the doors because the event was at capacity. When Cruz arrived at the eatery, he paused to talk to reporters — who were quickly engulfed by boisterous Cruz backers, who chimed in with words of support as the Texas senator took questions....Cruz has an advantage in the South over most of his rivals: His campaign is already extensively organized there, with a roster that includes some of the region's most prominent tea party activists. With at least seven Southern states slated to vote in the March 1 "SEC primary" (the name is a reference to the storied college athletic conference), the region will have a rare early and influential say in the Republican presidential contest — and Cruz is betting he will be a beneficiary.

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Ted Cruz stumping in Little Rock

New York Times: Cruz "the Only Contender Plying The Highways From South Carolina To Oklahoma"

The sweet tea was mostly gone, the homemade coffee cakes picked over by the more than 2,000 who showed up here to hear Senator Ted Cruz deliver a blistering indictment of the direction the country is headed in and of the man who is now leading it... The zigzagging bus tour, which ends Thursday in Tulsa, Okla., with a "This Is Cruz Country" rally, has drawn consistently enthusiastic crowds in the hundreds, and sometimes thousands, as Mr. Cruz tries to establish a foothold in states where a large number of delegates are expected to be up for grabs on March 1, Super Tuesday... Campaigning in the Southeast left Mr. Cruz — who as the first declared candidate briefly had the entire race to himself earlier this year — the only contender plying the highways from South Carolina to Oklahoma.

40/29 TVArkansas voters explain why Senator Ted Cruz has their vote

Mississippi Daily Journal: In MS, Cruz is "the Real Deal"

Amid the smell of fried chicken and blueberry doughnuts, more than 500 people rallied in the Connie's Chicken parking lot Tuesday to hear U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, give a speech about igniting the conservative fire. The humidity blazed on, but Cruz supporters waved hand flags printed with "Cruz Country" while they waited for the presidential candidate's arrival. Clutching Cruz's biography, supporter Terry Beam said Cruz has all the attributes of being the president. "He's got the courage, the intelligence, the character," he said. "That's why he's the real deal."

KSFM: Ted Cruz Speaks At Largest Crawford County Lincoln Day Dinner In History

It was Cruz's third stop in the Natural State Wednesday. He held a rally at the GOP Headquarters in Little Rock in the morning and in the afternoon hosted a meet and greet at Fat Daddy's Barbecue in Russellville. The Lincoln Day Dinner  began at 6:30 p.m. and was sold out according to event organizers. Hundreds showed up to hear Cruz speak at the largest Crawford County Lincoln Day Dinner in history. Cruz promoted his campaign and shared his stance on some important social issues. He said he has loved his time in Arkansas and the state will play a major role in choosing a candidate. "Arkansas is going to play a critical roll in the Republican presidential primary because the date has moved forward, so Arkansas is going to vote early," said Cruz. This was the first time a presidential candidate spoke at the Crawford County Lincoln Day Dinner.

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Cruz heads south to big crowds http://fb.me/7qMuqcFCy

VIDEO: Cruz to Victory

Bus Tour Continues!

Times Record: Cruz: Americans have grown weary of "campaign conservatives"

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, brought his "Cruz Country" bus tour to Arkansas on Wednesday, making a stop in Van Buren along the way in support of his bid for the White House.  Addressing a large crowd at the Republican Party of Crawford County's 2015 Lincoln Day Dinner, Cruz, one of the 17 Republicans in the 2016 presidential race, said Americans have grown weary of "campaign conservatives" and were looking for a consistent candidate who would remain truthful to campaign promises. Cruz's stop in Van Buren was his third of the day, having also attended rallies in Little Rock and Russellville...The tour kicked off late last week in South Carolina. Cruz is visiting seven states in seven days. Cruz's sweep through Arkansas was the third stop in the state for 2016 presidential hopefuls.

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A "Captain Constitution" sketch of @tedcruz, given to him by a supporter at a Memphis event yesterday


New York Times: Ted Cruz Gets a Boost in Mississippi From a Tea Party Stalwart

Mr. McDaniel seemed a perfect guest to accompany Mr. Cruz, who has had his own public battles with Senator Mitch McConnell and the Republican leadership. Mr. Cruz even went as far as to name Mr. McDaniel his state co-chairman in Mississippi, hoping to tap the large conservative grass-roots movement that propelled Mr. McDaniel to a near victory in the Republican Senate primary last year. And Mr. McDaniel's past — as a thorn in the side of Republicans like Mr. McConnell — only endears him more to Mr. Cruz.

"I am proud to stand with Senator Chris McDaniel," Mr. Cruz told reporters before his event here. "And I'll tell you, that primary result was clear and overwhelming, and I had been quite public in the past that the behavior of the D.C. Republican establishment in that runoff was shameful."

Ted Cruz, Cruz Campaign Press Release - The South is #CruzCountry Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/314397

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