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Cruz Campaign Press Release - Ted on the Trail: Ted Cruz Brings 'Consistent Conservative' Message Back To New Hampshire

September 01, 2015

Cruz "all in" in New Hampshire

HOUSTON, Texas – On Sunday and Monday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz returned to New Hampshire for several public events as well as the grand opening of the Cruz for President Headquarters in the Granite State. Below is a roundup of some of the coverage from the recent campaign swing:

NHPRTed Cruz Brings 'Consistent Conservative' Message Back To New Hampshire

At a town hall meeting Sunday afternoon Cruz told a crowd at New Boston Central School he'd be a different kind of Republican president if elected. By way of example, here's how he described the to-do list for his first day in office, vowing to "rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action," "open an investigation into Planned Parenthood and these horrible videos" and "rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal." He added he would tell federal agencies "the persecution of religious liberty ends today!"

Cruz said if voters looked back at the big debates of the last few years, they'd find only he had been involved in every single one — and that, in each, he'd invariably aligned himself with what he considered the true conservative position... Responses like these repeatedly brought the crowd of roughly 200 people to its feet.

Concord MonitorCruz: NH Leadership Team Is Much Stronger Than Any Other Candidate's In The Field

Sen. Ted Cruz is talking about the establishment these days: the one he plans to tear apart in Washington, D.C., and, in the meantime, the one he's building up among his grassroots supporters in early-voting states. The Texas Republican says the latter is the strongest of any presidential candidate.

Before unveiling his Manchester headquarters Monday, Cruz stopped in Concord and touted his dedicated teams in New Hampshire and in Iowa, South Carolina and "across the Super Tuesday states" as the heart of his campaign.  "Here in New Hampshire, our leadership team is – on any objective measure – much stronger than any other candidate's in the field," he said after a business roundtable at The Draft Sports Bar and Grill.

Former speaker of the house Bill O'Brien, former U.S. senator Bob Smith and Executive Councilor David Wheeler headline that team, but the list is long. Last week, Cruz announced 66 new endorsements from Granite Staters whose titles range from former state senator or four-term state representative – brothers Fenton and Warren Groen of Rochester, respectively – to "first-time campaign activist."


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Foster'sIn NH, Cruz "is Really Dynamic"

More than 150 people visited David and Lydia Scott's farm off Back Road in Dover on a misty, perfect Sunday morning, to meet Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.  Although the majority were New Hampshire residents, folks like Conrad Baldini made the trek from Salem, Massachusetts. "He is really dynamic," explained Baldini. "I really look forward to seeing and hearing him in person." If elected president, Cruz said he would tackle the IRS, illegal immigration, education and the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare...

Cruz commented that if they could entice just a portion of the group at the campaign stop, many of whom did not vote in the past presidential election, it would be a boon to his campaign. He likened the tenor of the country today as similar to the time just before Reagan with Russia and Iran the most dangerous countries then and now.

After a spirited question and answer period, the candidate bade farewell, leaving the many to chat among themselves about their impressions of first time senator.

Washington TimesTed Cruz knocks 'campaign conservatives' in New Hampshire

"I think all of us are frustrated. We're frustrated with Washington and we're fed up with politicians who say one thing and do another," Mr. Cruz said at a Concerned Veterans for America town hall in New Hampshire. "We've seen that over and over and over again — we always see, every cycle, what I call campaign conservatives — people who on the campaign suddenly become ... the most conservative person you've ever seen.

"You notice on that debate stage in Cleveland not a single person stood up there and said, 'I'm an establishment moderate squish. I stand for nothing,'" he said. "They don't say that. Every person there claims to be a conservative.

"I think as voters and citizens, the test we should apply — Scripture tells us you shall know them by their fruits," he said. "We need to ask not what are you saying on the campaign trail but have you walked the walk? Have you been a consistent conservative, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow?"

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Boston GlobeTed Cruz sells himself as antiestablishment candidate

US Senator Ted Cruz wrapped up a two-day New Hampshire trip for his presidential campaign, arguing that he is the proven antiestablishment candidate in a crowded field of GOP contenders.

Speaking to the New Hampshire House Business Caucus at a sports bar, Cruz told a crowd of about 150, "If you see a candidate that Washington embraces, run and hide." There are others in the race, the Texan said, who are "squishy Washington establishment moderates, but they don't tell you that..."

[Rice University professor Robert Stein said] "It's also worth noting that Cruz has a clear plan for his path to the nomination, one built on becoming the standard bearer for evangelicals, Tea Party, and nonestablishment Republicans. If he survives through South Carolina, Super Tuesday states look very hospitable to his candidacy."

The FederalistTed Cruz: 'Grassroots Army' Is Key To Victory

During a business roundtable at the Concord, New Hampshire bar, the Texas senator and GOP presidential hopeful slammed the Obama administration and presented his plan to fix the country despite the machinations of what he calls the "Washington cartel" including through healthcare and tax reform and a tough foreign policy stance.

Cruz's campaign stops Sunday drew hundreds across the Granite State where the Tea Party icon said support has been "electric" and "unbelievably strong..."

"Conservatives, evangelicals, we're seeing young people, Hispanics, African-Americans, women, Reagan Democrats, all coming together and it's from the grassroots," he said, adding his approach to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina is "all in" and can appeal to the more conservative voters of Iowa as well as the more varied libertarian, conservative and Independent voters of New Hampshire.


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NHPRCruz "All In" in New Hampshire

Cruz says going forward his campaign will be "all in" when it comes to New Hampshire. On Monday he'll open a field office in Manchester. A bigger presence in the state might help win over voters like Kevin Gagnon of Salem. The electrician and father of two said he's not ready to choose a candidate yet, but liked what he heard from Cruz. "He seems like he could be the real deal," Gagnon said, "like a genuine person that's willing to go to bat for the American people, not just the Republican establishment but for all people."

Ted Cruz, Cruz Campaign Press Release - Ted on the Trail: Ted Cruz Brings 'Consistent Conservative' Message Back To New Hampshire Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/314432

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