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Cruz Campaign Press Release - Ted Cruz Announces Jobs, Freedom, Security Plan in Wisconsin

March 29, 2016

Americans will be more prosperous, enjoy greater freedoms and stand as a beacon of liberty for the world

BROOKFIELD, Wisconsin - Today, presidential candidate Ted Cruz laid out his Jobs, Freedom, Security plan for restoring jobs, economic growth and opportunity, protecting our constitutional freedoms, and keeping Americans safe from the threat of Islamic terrorism.

In his remarks, Cruz quoted President John F. Kennedy, "Let me read to you from a President of the United States. This President in an address to the nation said, 'Our tax rates in short are so high as to weaken the very essence of the progress of a free society. For these reasons, this administration intends to cut taxes in order to build the fundamental strength of our economy—to remove a serious barrier to long-term growth. To increase incentives by rooting out inequities and complexities and to prevent the even greater budget deficit that a lagging economy would otherwise surely produce.' Today's Democratic party is no longer the party of JFK...

"If I am elected President, we will repeal every word of Obamacare," Cruz continued. "We'll pass common sense healthcare reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors.

"That's what this election is about—morning in America. We can have it again if we get back to what built it in the first place."

In his remarks, Cruz established a clear contrast between how a Cruz Administration would operate and the last seven years of the Obama Administration.

Cruz plan for Jobs:

  • Abolish IRS and fundamentally change the tax code
    • Under the Cruz Simple Flat tax plan, the Tax Foundation estimates that the median income will grow by 15.5% over a decade resulting in the median household's take-home pay increasing by $7,600. The Cruz tax plan will also create an additional 4.9 million jobs.
  • ?Stop funding sanctuary cities and welfare benefits of those here illegally
  • Rein in the EPA
  • Repeal Obamacare and make healthcare more personal, portable, and affordable
  • Break the higher education cartel and create more flexible and affordable options for young people, veterans and those seeking vocational degrees

Cruz plan for Freedom:

  • Protect every right listed in the Bill of Rights
  • Stand up for religious liberty and stop litigating against people of faith such as the Little Sisters of the Poor
  • Nominate judges who will faithfully protect our rights enshrined in the Constitution

Cruz plan for Security:

  • Identify the enemy as radical Islamic terrorism and implement a plan to utterly defeat it
  • Stand unapologetically with our ally the State of Israel, reaffirm America's commitment to Israel's security and move the US embassy to Jerusalem.
  • Rebuild our military so we remain the mightiest fighting force in the world feared by hostile nations like Russia and Iran.
  • Prevent hotbeds of terrorism from growing in the U.S.
  • Support policemen, firefighters, and first responders
  • Secure the border, stop amnesty and end sanctuary cities

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Ted Cruz, Cruz Campaign Press Release - Ted Cruz Announces Jobs, Freedom, Security Plan in Wisconsin Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/317147

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