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Cruz Campaign Press Release - Rep. Sam Graves Endorses Ted Cruz for President

December 07, 2015

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, Ted Cruz received the endorsement of Congressman Sam Graves of Missouri. During his eight terms in Congress, Rep. Graves has been a strong advocate for the conservative principles of fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, and protecting the unborn.

Graves has been a staunch supporter of ending government bailouts, balancing the budget, and cutting wasteful spending. He was one of only a few members of Congress to vote against all the Bush stimulus packages and bailouts, while supporting tax cuts for middle-class families. Graves has fought tirelessly to protect veterans, improve border security, and ensure our military has the resources it needs to keep America safe. And, as a long-time leader in the fight to protect life, Graves strongly backed the recent push to end taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

"I have personally seen Ted Cruz stand up and fight on the issues that matter the most to conservatives, even when it wasn't popular in Congress," said Graves. "He has never wavered. He has always stood on principle. And he has always put the American people first. That is the kind of leadership we need at this critical time for our country. As threats emerge – from ISIS, to Russia, to the Iranian nuclear program – we need a president with the resolve to defend our country and not back down. We must secure our borders and restore the rule of law, and more than anyone running, Ted Cruz has fought to make this nation secure, while protecting our constitutional rights. I proudly endorse Ted Cruz for President."

"I am thrilled to have the support of Congressman Graves," said Cruz. "He is a man of great principle, who has not shied away from taking the unpopular position in Washington if it was for the good of the country. Very few can match his record of fiscal conservatism, including opposing every corporate bailout, or his dedication to the men and women in uniform who serve this country, both retired and active. I look forward to working with him to get our message out in the great state of Missouri and deeply appreciate his support."

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