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Cruz Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: Richard Viguerie Endorses Ted Cruz

December 09, 2015

HOUSTON, Texas – Today, longtime activist and architect of the modern conservative movement Richard Viguerie endorsed Ted Cruz for President. Viguerie revolutionized political direct mail funding and is credited with a significant role in helping elect Ronald Reagan. Today he published his endorsement on ConservativeHQ.com asking "What Are We Conservatives Waiting For?".

"Richard Viguerie is a hero of the conservative movement," said Cruz. "I couldn't be prouder to have his support, which should send a strong message to conservatives nationwide that our campaign is coalescing the movement. From libertarians to Tea Partiers to social and national security conservatives, people are getting behind our campaign because it is time to restore constitutional principles and reignite the promise of this great nation."

"That means Republicans must nominate a candidate who we know will govern according to constitutional principles, who is capable of drawing a clear contrast with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on the issues of importance in today's political environment, and who has the brains, talent and discipline to fight Hillary Clinton and win.

"That candidate is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. To conservatives who continue to window shop I say, What are you waiting for? In Ted Cruz conservatives have a candidate that's everything we want.'"

"Ted Cruz has been a leader of almost all the conservative policy battles on Capitol Hill. Conservatives do not have to wonder whether if, when the chips are down, Ted Cruz will be right on the cultural issues. Ted Cruz has fought for, and will continue to fight for the conservative agenda: Defunding Obamacare, Defunding Planned Parenthood, Stopping out-of-control spending, Stopping amnesty for illegal aliens and securing the border, Defeating ISIS and the doctrine of Islamic supremacy, Eliminating the burdens of the Obama regulatory state, and Reining-in the IRS, the EPA and other out-of-control agencies."

"Cruz has the record and the platform to bring together the three legs of the Reagan coalition; national defense conservatives, economic conservatives and cultural conservatives. He came to Washington on a wave of Tea Party support, and unlike Marco Rubio he did not abandon those principles once he got to DC. Cruz also has stood with the liberty movement on issues of privacy and constitutional liberty, and will attract most libertarian-leaning voters that establishment Republicans have alienated."

See the full endorsement here.

Ted Cruz, Cruz Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: Richard Viguerie Endorses Ted Cruz Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/315303

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