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Cruz Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: IJ Review: Watch the Campy Christmas Infomercial Ted Cruz Is About To Play During SNL

December 19, 2015

Cruz for President Launches New SNL Christmas Ad in Iowa

HOUSTON, Texas – The Cruz for President campaign released a new Christmas ad, "Cruz Christmas Classics". The ad shows Cruz along with his wife Heidi reading stories to their two daughters. Featuring classics like, How Obamacare Stole ChristmasRudolph the Underemployed ReindeerThe Grinch Who Lost Her EmailsFrosty The Speaker of the House, and Auditing St. Nick. The ad will run in Iowa during this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" show.

An excerpt of story by IJ Review is below and full article may be viewed here.

Watch the Campy Christmas Infomercial Ted Cruz Is About To Play During SNL

IJ Review

Benny Johnson

Hope you're ready for a campy Ted Cruz Christmas parody meets infomercial meets sanctioned campaign ad. The Texas Senator and 2016 presidential candidate will play the above ad in crucial Iowa TV markets during this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" broadcast, according to Cruz Communications Director Catherine Frazier. Cruz is no stranger to non-traditional campaigning, he has cooked bacon on the end of a machine gun and performed full-throated "Princess Bride" impressions on the trail in 2016. The above video features Cruz reading to his two daughters, along with his wife, in a traditional Christmas setting. However, the Christmas tales he tells are political satire.

Ad Script:

"Cruz Christmas Classics"

TV 1:30

NARRATOR: Imagine the greatest Christmas stories... told by the Senator who once read Green Eggs and Ham from the Senate Floor.

CRUZ: 'Twas the night before the Shutdown and all through the House, Not a bill was stirring, Not even to fund a mouse.

NARRATOR: A Proven Record presents a festive collection of timeless Christmas classics, read by the trusted conservative leader, Ted Cruz. Favorites such as: How Obamacare Stole Christmas and Rudolph the Underemployed Reindeer.

CRUZ: All of the other Reindeer couldn't afford to hire Rudolph.

NARRATOR: Act now, and you'll get a leader who does exactly what he says he's going to do. In this case, read festive stories like: Frosty the Speaker of the House

CRUZ: "Look! The Speaker is melting before Congress!"

NARRATOR: And the Lois Lerner masterpiece, Auditing St. Nick

CRUZ: I will audit him here or there, I will audit him anywhere!

NARRATOR: The whole family will enjoy reading stories like, The Grinch Who Lost Her Emails

CAROLINE: "I know just what I'll do", she said with a snicker. "I'll use my own server, and no one will be the wiser!"

NARRATOR: And if you act now, we'll throw in the inspiring new Christmas story, soon to be an instant classic:

CATHERINE: Read this one, Daddy!

CRUZ: Okay.

NARRATOR: The Senator Who Saved Christmas

CRUZ: This is a good one...

NARRATOR: If you are not completely satisfied with this collection of Cruz Christmas Classics you probably hate Christmas and America.

CRUZ: I'm Ted Cruz and I approve this message.

Ted Cruz, Cruz Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: IJ Review: Watch the Campy Christmas Infomercial Ted Cruz Is About To Play During SNL Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/315263

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