Franklin D. Roosevelt

Congratulations to Admirals Nimitz and Halsey.

October 20, 1944

The country has followed with pride the magnificent sweep of your Fleet into enemy waters. In addition to the gallant fighting of your flyers, we appreciate the endurance and superb seamanship of your forces. Your fine cooperation with General MacArthur furnishes another example of teamwork and the effective and intelligent use of all weapons.

Message from the President to President Osmena for the Philippine People. October 20, 1944

Please deliver the following message to the Philippine people from me:

"The suffering, humiliation, and mental torture that you have endured since the barbarous, unprovoked, and treacherous attack upon the Philippines nearly three long years ago have aroused in the hearts of the American people a righteous anger, a stern determination to punish the guilty, and a fixed resolve to restore peace and order and decency to an outraged world.

"Until we were attacked at Pearl Harbor we had done our utmost to live as friendly self-respecting neighbors of the Japanese in the Pacific.

"For half a century, in spite of signs of a decadent and militaristic Japanese leadership, we studiously avoided any acts that might provoke distrust or alarm. Our decency was mistaken for weakness.

"Our plans for the dignity and freedom of the people of the Philippines have been ruthlessly- but only temporarily- brushed aside by Japanese acts of exploitation and enslavement. When the Japanese invaders have been driven out, the Philippines will take their place as a free and independent member of the family of Nations.

"On this occasion of the return of General MacArthur to Philippine soil with our airmen, our soldiers, and our sailors, we renew our pledge. We and our Philippine brothers in arms- with the help of Almighty God- will drive out the invader; we will destroy his power to wage war again, and we will restore a world of dignity and freedom —a world of confidence and honesty and peace."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Congratulations to Admirals Nimitz and Halsey. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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