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Christmas Statement.

December 24, 1970

CHRISTMAS is a family time. Let us make it, at Christmas 1970, a time when we have a very special sense of Americans as a national family. Let us put aside what divides us and rediscover what unites us-concern for one another, love of liberty and justice, pride in our own diversity. Let us resolve to work together to right old wrongs and heal old wounds, to do what needs to be done to make this a better country and a better world for all of our children.

Our greatest hope at Christmas 1970-and at every Christmastime of course--is for peace in the world. This Christmas we can be thankful that we are making progress toward peace.

Peace is a fragile thing, and there are dangers that threaten it in many parts of the world. But I firmly believe that, in this Christmas season, we can look forward with greater confidence than at any time since World War II to the prospect that our children can have, at last, what we all devoutly hope for: a generation of peace.

Richard Nixon, Christmas Statement. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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