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Checklist of White House Press Releases

September 29, 1978

The following releases of the Office of the White House Press Secretary, distributed during the period covered by this issue, are not included in the issue.

Released September 25, 1978

News conference: on hospital cost containment legislation—by Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Ambassador Robert S. Strauss, Special Representative for Trade Negotiations, James T. Mcintyre, Jr., Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Charles L. Schultze, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers

News conference: on the installation of a solar energy system on the West Wing of the White House—by Omi Walden, Assistant Secretary of Energy, and Hugh A. Carter, Jr., Special Assistant to the President for Administration

Released September 26, 1978

News conference: on U.S. export policy—by Secretary of Commerce Juanita M. Kreps

Released September 27, 1978

Announcement: nomination of Donald E. O'Brien to be United States District Judge for the Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa

Announcement: nomination of B. Avant Edenfield to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of Georgia


Approved September 26, 1978

S. 3075 ...............Public Law 95-384

International Security Assistance Act of 1978.

S. 3119 ...............Public Law

95-385 An act to transfer certain real property of the United States to the District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency.

S. 3120 ...............Public Law

95-386 An act to enhance the flexibility of contractual authority of the Temporary Commission on Financial Oversight of the District of Columbia.

Approved September 27, 1978

S. 1103 ...............Public Law 95-387

District of Columbia Reciprocal Tax Collection Act.

S. 2556 ...............Public Law 95-388

An act to change the name of the District of Columbia Bail Agency to the District of Columbia Pretrial Services Agency.

Approved September 29, 1978

S.J. Res. 133 .......Public Law 95-389

A joint resolution to authorize and request the President to issue a proclamation designating September 24, 1978, as "National Good Neighbor Day".

H.R. 7814 ............Public Law 95-390

Federal Employees Flexible and Compressed Work Schedules Act of 19713.

Jimmy Carter, Checklist of White House Press Releases Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/243588

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