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Castro Campaign Press Release - Third DNC Member, Six State Lawmakers Among 14 Leaders Endorsing Julián Castro

November 18, 2019

Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas lawmakers latest to endorse Castro

SAN ANTONIO, TX (November 18, 2019) – A third Democratic National Committee member, six current or former state lawmakers from Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico and Texas, and a Black Lives Matter co-founder are among the 14 leaders who announced their endorsement of presidential candidate Julián Castro on Monday.

Those endorsing Secretary Castro on Monday include:
Democratic National Committeewoman Celina Vasquez of Texas
State Senator Jacob Candelaria of New Mexico
State Representative Jennifer Longdon of Arizona
State Representative Jennifer Jermaine of Arizona
State Representative Ray Lopez of Texas 
Former State Representative, Community Organizer and Battle Rapper Bruce Franks Jr. of Missouri
Former State Representative Roberto Alonzo of Texas, Chairman of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus
Texas Board of Education Member Georgina C. Pérez  
City Councilmember Gloria Soto of Santa Maria, California
Melina Abdullah, Ph.D., Social Justice Organizer and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles 
Thandiwe Abdullah, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Youth Vanguard
LGBTQ Activist Candace Gingrich
Homeless Activist Brooke Evans
Community Leader Eder Gaona-Macedo of Santa Barbara/Ventura County

Vasquez becomes the third Democratic National Committee delegate to endorse Castro, the former Obama Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Mayor of San Antonio, Texas. DNC automatic delegate and Secretary of the DNC's Black Caucus Allison Stephens and Texas State Senate Minority Leader José Rodríguez previously endorsed Secretary Castro. 

"Julián Castro is bold and fearless with an unwavering commitment to our nation's working people and most vulnerable," said former Texas State Representative Roberto Alonzo, who is chairman of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus. "He leads confidently with heart, mind, and a loving upbringing that guides him. As HUD Secretary and San Antonio Mayor he has the proven record and experience to lead our nation."

Alonzo, who also talked about Castro's support of immigration reform and addressing climate change, said as a former farm worker he is thankful to Castro for visiting the United Farm Workers headquarters and bringing attention to their cause.

Below are more quotes from leaders endorsing Secretary Castro:

"I enthusiastically support Julián Castro because he has the deepest knowledge of the issues our country is facing," said Democratic National Committeewoman Celina Vasquez of Texas. "His 'People First' policies are bold, and often cover issues that no other candidate has brought to the forefront. This bold approach has earned my trust in him, and I will sleep better at night with Julián Castro in the White House — my son Diego's future depends on it."

"I want Julián Castro to be President of the United States because he has the courage to call out economic oppression, has demonstrated a real commitment to empowering the voices of communities of color and the poor, and because of his unshakable commitment to our shared American values of equal opportunity and dignity before the law," said New Mexico State Senator Jacob Candelaria. "As an openly gay man of color, I am especially proud to endorse a civil rights champion like Julián Castro and to stand with him in this race for the future of our country."

"Secretary Castro impressed me with his approach to ending gun violence and moved me with his visit to refugees in Matamoros," said Arizona State Representative Jennifer Longdon. "As the paralyzed survivor of gun violence it was his complete and comprehensive disability policy that won me over. His concern and fight for often marginalized communities is breathtaking. His actions and his insights are exactly what I want and what this country needs in our next president."

"Public policy, to be truly comprehensive, needs to involve a wide range of stakeholders and experts - including those directly affected by the issues," said Arizona State Representative Jennifer Jermaine. "This is exactly how Julián Castro and his team have built his policy platform.  This is how we build an inclusive future.  It is inspiring and this is real leadership.  I'm excited and honored to endorse Julián Castro for President of the United States of America."

"Since first being elected to the San Antonio City Council, I have had the honor of witnessing Julián's unwavering commitment to service and his strength of character as a leader of our community and nation," said Texas State Representative Ray Lopez. "I am proud to endorse Julián and support him as the next President of the United States."

"Martin Luther King said there comes a time when you do something not because it's political, not because it's popular, not because it safe, but because your conscience tells you it's right," said former Missouri State Representative, Community Organizer and Battle Rapper Bruce Franks Jr. "Castro has been unapologetic in his stances and unapologetic in who he is. That's the type of leader that we need, and that's the type of person that I'm willing to bet the house on for the future of our country. We have someone in Julián Castro who is willing to speak up and speak out not only about injustices, but about the challenges and barriers marginalized communities face each and every day. That's why I am putting my full support behind a man of the people, Julián Castro."

"Secretary Castro knows the power of public education to lift people up and has been the most outspoken advocate on the campaign trail for supporting our schools and our teachers," said Texas Board of Education Member Georgina C. Pérez. "A product of West San Antonio raised by a single mother, Secretary Castro knows the struggles of everyday Americans and has not hesitated to fight for those often forgotten by other leaders. We need him as our nominee to continue to stand up to the divisive, hateful, anti-Latino rhetoric of this president, to beat him in November and to return decency and honor to the White House."

"I stepped into politics at a time when communities of color were under attack, seeking to rebuild engagement and government accountability," said City Councilmember Gloria Soto of Santa Maria, California. "I believe that Secretary Castro has demonstrated his commitment to elevate the most vulnerable voices within our country and speak against injustices. It is an honor to support Secretary Castro and his vision of America."

"Today, I offer my heartfelt and enthusiastic endorsement for Julián Castro as our next President," said social justice organizer and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Melina Abdullah, Ph.D.. "Julián's priorities begin to make real a world where each of us has all of what we need and most of what we want. He has built a 'lift from the bottom' platform, that speaks explicitly to the conditions of those who have been forced to the bottom rungs of society. Secretary Castro is a uniter, who reminds us that more of us are committed to these principles than are against, that we have more in common, that we have more to gain by standing together. He reminds us that false divisions are tools used by those who want to hoard power. He affirms the truism that 'when we fight, we win.' I choose to fight alongside Julián. There is not a more ideal leader for this nation at this moment than Julián Castro."

"As a 15-year-old black Muslim girl, I'm looking forward to having a president who represents my best interests," said Thandiwe Abdullah, Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles Youth Vanguard. "Secretary Castro is someone who is calling for an immediate end to the Muslim Ban and has concrete plans to halt police brutality, create affordable housing opportunities, and invest in community wellness institutions. These are my best interests. These are the best interests of millions of marginalized communities. Julián Castro speaks up for the most vulnerable. We need that leadership in the Oval Office."

"I first met Secretary Castro at the Time to THRIVE conference for LGBTQ youth serving professionals where he shared his unwavering support: 'We won't stand on the sidelines while members of the LGBT community continue to suffer injustice.' As a presidential candidate, Julián has not wavered from those beliefs – pronoun usage, centering the lives of trans women of color, reproductive rights inclusive of trans and non-binary people – and so much more," said LGBTQ activist Candace Gingrich. "I proudly endorse Julián Castro for President – he has the experience, the empathy, the vision and the courage to unite the nation. He doesn't just see us – he is us."

"Secretary Julián Castro is the presidential candidate I have hoped for all my life and in whom I see young people, like myself. As a disabled and first-generation college graduate who navigates homelessness and mounting student debt, Secretary Julián Castro has welcomed impacted Americans like me to the table to build a future that is about us and most notably—by us, as well," said homeless activist Brooke Evans. "In doing so, Secretary Castro is changing U.S. politics forever because he knows that we won't solve what lies ahead if we're not doing it together. In the thick of the dark times we find ourselves in now, Secretary Julián Castro has taught us all that we cannot accept anything less than compassion, courage, and a commitment to be led by the truth. We know that in these values, we will greet America in her best form. For our future and the conscience and community necessary to hope and work for it together, I offer my endorsement of Secretary Julián Castro for President of the United States of America."

"As a young undocumented immigrant, it was hard to find positive role models who spoke to my story and values," said community leader Eder Gaona-Macedo of Santa Barbara/Ventura County. "Julián Castro has become that role model for countless youth, speaking truth for communities of color. Under his leadership, communities will be understood, heard, and uplifted. It is an honor to support Julián Castro for President."

Julián Castro, Castro Campaign Press Release - Third DNC Member, Six State Lawmakers Among 14 Leaders Endorsing Julián Castro Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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