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Castro Campaign Press Release - Julián Castro Receives Eight New Texas Endorsements, Unveils New Ad In Iowa

November 05, 2019

SAN ANTONIO, TX (November 5, 2019) – On Tuesday, November 5, the presidential campaign of former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro announced nine new Texas endorsements from high profile elected Democrats who were previously committed to former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke. The campaign also unveiled a new advertisement and ad buy to be placed in Iowa and released on social media beginning on Tuesday, November 5.

"As the ground continues to shift in the 2020 race and more voters than ever remain undecided, Secretary Castro is picking up momentum, securing support in critical states like Iowa, Nevada, and Texas, and demonstrating why he's the best candidate to supercharge the coalitions needed to beat Donald Trump," said campaign manager Maya Rupert. "This campaign has marched to the beat of its own drummer--pushing issues others are afraid of, and speaking up for the most vulnerable Americans. Secretary Castro will continue to do that with the support of these new endorsements and investments in key states."

The new list of endorsements includes elected leaders from across Texas, including state representatives, senators, and members of Democratic leadership--all highlighting how Secretary Castro's experience and critical leadership would serve the American people if elected president. Secretary Castro has unveiled more endorsements in Texas than any other 2020 candidate, and polls have shown he would defeat Donald Trump in his home state.

The campaign's new Iowa advertisement, which will be posted on Secretary Castro's social media pages, highlights Secretary Castro's critical leadership on policy and national issues, juxtaposes President Trump's cruelty, corruption, and failures with Julián's positive vision, and shares visually the Secretary's biography and upbringing. The ad will run across Iowa with a $50,000 buy.

Here's what some of Secretary Castro's new endorsers had to say:

"Julián is a national leader with a clear vision for a more prosperous and diverse nation," said Senator José Rodriguez (D-29). "His focus on promoting equal opportunity for all Americans, including the most vulnerable, is the kind of leadership we need in a nominee to take on Donald Trump."

"As the field narrows, we have to continue to support voices that are amplifying critical, and often lost, issues. Secretary Castro is one of those voices." said Rep. Joe Moody, House Speaker Pro Tempore (D-78). "He and his team have created an amazingly intersectional policy discussion around homelessness. Grateful for their work."

"Julian has been a proven champion for working families and marginalized communities and is the leader our country needs," said César Blanco, State Representative (D-76). "I'm proud to support my friend and fellow Texan Julian Castro for President of the United States because it's time to say adios to Trump."

Gene Wu, State Representative for the 137th district said, "Texas is the key. If we can win Texas, we will win the nation. Julián is the right person to inspire not only Texas, but also an underrepresented Hispanic community that had longed for a candidate that understands their needs."

"Texas deserves a president who works for the people. Who ensures the voices of everyday Americans are heard," said Art Fierro, State Representative (D-79), "Texas deserves a president with Texas values. That's Julián Castro."

Oscar Longoria, State Representative from the 35th district, said, "Julián has a proven track record of leading Texas into the future. Now is the time for him to lead the country as a whole."

"Because of his strong leadership experience, I am moving forward with Julián Castro," said State Representative Abel Herrero (D-34).

Full list of new endorsements:

Sen. Jose Rodriguez, Senate Minority Leader (D-29)

Rep. Joe Moody, House Speaker Pro Tempore (D-78)

César Blanco, State Representative (D-76)

Gene Wu, State Representative (D-137)

Abel Herrero, State Representative (D-34)

Art Fierro, State Representative (D-79)

Oscar Longoria, State Representative, (D-35)

Jessica Farrar, former State Representative (D-148)

Ana-Maria Ramos, State Representative (D-102)

Julián Castro, Castro Campaign Press Release - Julián Castro Receives Eight New Texas Endorsements, Unveils New Ad In Iowa Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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