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Carson Campaign Press Release - Dr. Ben Carson Announces Education Plan

January 08, 2016

Alexandria, Va. - January 08, 2016 - Today, Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, released his policy plan for restoring exceptionalism to America's schools. The plan offers five commonsense principles that empower parents and support teachers. The plan is available for download here.

Dr. Carson's plan restores American exceptionalism in our schools by focusing on five key principles: provide school choice to families, empower local communities, encourage the innovative spirit of educators, reward good teachers and create a streamlined student loan process.

Growing up in dire poverty in the inner cities of Detroit and Boston, Dr. Carson knows education is the great liberator. His mother understood the value of education and was empowered to make decisions for her sons that changed the course of their lives. The Carson Education Plan provides families and school administrators with the tools necessary to improve the educational opportunities of their students.

"Dr. Carson's education plan returns America's education system to top tier global status by returning the power back to the people who know best: parents and local school systems," said Carson's Nevada State Director Jimmy Stracner. "By contrast, ill-conceived liberal reforms like Common Core have worked to create a centralized education system that gives the federal government control over decisions and policies that should be made at the local level."

"The hallmark of Dr. Carson's education plan is empowering parents and local communities to make the best decisions for their children," said Carson's Iowa State Director Ryan Rhodes. "Like Dr. Carson, I believe that parents in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines are better capable of improving educational opportunities for their students than bureaucrats in Washington."

"My mother had little education, but she understood the great power that education has in changing life for the better," said Dr. Ben Carson. "My prescription for achievement takes politics and politicians out of education reform and puts it back in the hands of We the People."

"The plan not only empowers parents, but it also rewards effective teachers. A great teacher can make all the difference in a student's life. I've seldom met a successful person who can't point to a teacher who played a significant role in their success. The stakes are too high and we owe it to our children to restore our educational system to global preeminence."

Ben Carson, Carson Campaign Press Release - Dr. Ben Carson Announces Education Plan Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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