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Carson Campaign Press Release - #AskBen Fireside Chat - January 25

January 25, 2016

Hello everyone, it's another night that we get to spend together for our nightly chat. Remember, keep sending me your texts using the number 275-236 (ASKBEN). Let's jump right in.

The first question is from Jeremy and he asks about my new cyber security plan, "how does this tie into 'national security'?"

I'm glad you asked Jeremy. This has everything to do with national security — the job of the President of the United States, first and foremost, is to secure our country and defend its borders from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And I mean all borders, physical and digital. We live in a new age of tactics and an evolving battlefield — it is unconventional and asymmetrical.

Not only do we need to have the most robust military fighting force in history, with the intention of peace through strength, but also the capabilities to thwart both domestic and international terrorism through our digital infrastructure. With so much of our data and information being stored and transmitted electronically, we must be able to secure our national interests by putting in place safeguards to prevent theft. Our financial stability and future rests on the assuredness and proactive thinking our country deserves — and, I know the spirit of American ingenuity will shine in this new frontier.

The next question is from Emily who asks about the "importance of our 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms." She stressed to me how important this issue is to her and wanted to know if I am committed to protecting her right to defend both herself and her family.

No question Emily, I fully support the Second Amendment. 100%. This question ties back into the previous one about "security". It is paramount that a free society be able to defend itself, that is the distinguishing characteristic of a free people. It is also important that you elect a leader that understands the paramount nature and genesis of our right to bear arms: not only do we need a "ready and able" citizenry for the militia if need be, but even more importantly, it is for the people to be able to defend itself against a tyrannical centralized government which might oppress its people. History is a great reminder and we need look no further than the formation of our own nation to see an example of this. Lest we forget.

Let me be clear: I will not infringe upon the guaranteed right of our law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Period. We have vilified those who look to protect themselves and their families long enough, it's time we started focusing our attention to those who openly call for our destruction. I believe in We the People and I'm confident you do too.

Finally, Melissa asks "who's more competitive, you or Ms. Candy?"

Well, Melissa, I have to admit, I am more competitive. But don't let her know it, I like to tell her I let her win, but the truth is, she actually beats me at games more often than not, even at pool! That's what I love about her; she's dignified even when she beats me, that's the kind of woman she is. Humble and loving, she can make me laugh like no one else. The smile on her face when she can tell exactly what I'm thinking. She is my best friend, and if I'm going to get beat by someone, who better than the one who makes me a better person. But, I still like to think I'm better at pool, but she has me beat when it comes to musical talent!

Again, thank you for letting me into your homes to spend this time with you. It always brings a smile to my face when I read your messages. It's only a couple more days until We the People make our voices heard in Iowa and I'm excited to see you on the road, and beyond.



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Ben Carson, Carson Campaign Press Release - #AskBen Fireside Chat - January 25 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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