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Bullock Campaign Press Release - In Iowa Town Hall, Governor Bullock Brings His Message Straight to Voters

June 26, 2019

Des Moines, IA – Tonight, ahead of the first DNC debate, Montana Governor Steve Bullock took his case to Iowa voters in a televised town hall on WHO-TV in Des Moines. Rather than answering to pundits, Governor Bullock took questions directly from Iowa caucus-goers on the issues that matter most to them in the 2020 campaign.

As the only candidate who has won a Trump state, Governor Bullock highlighted how the Democratic Party must compete in order to win back the places we lost and beat Donald Trump.

On fighting climate change:

"We need to take immediate and durable steps."

"Thirty years ago, a Republican president said 'we'll lead from the top when it comes to climate.' Now, as we look at all the corrupting influence of outside dollars, Republicans won't even acknowledge that climate change is human-caused. And we don't have another 30 years to wait."

On investing in our public schools:

"I think public education is one of our equalizers. I mean anyone who walks through these doors should be able to get that same opportunity, a better shot at a life like everyone would deserve."

On protecting Social Security for the long term:

"Just as you would with any retirement account, if you're putting out more money than is coming in: you've got a problem. Think about this – you and so many Americans across this country worked hard and paid into it with the expectation that they would get the money back. We have to honor those promises."

On what is 'the biggest challenge we face':

"Probably to be honest, it's making sure that Washington, DC, works for all of us again. In [the] Post Citizens United world — it doesn't listen to all of us. We can barely get a highway bill passed, let alone all of the stuff we've been talking about throughout [the night]. So until we address the corrupting influence of dark money…it's going to be that much harder to accomplish everything else."

Steve Bullock, Bullock Campaign Press Release - In Iowa Town Hall, Governor Bullock Brings His Message Straight to Voters Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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