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Bullock Campaign Press Release - Iowa State Rep. Bruce Bearinger, Webster County Supervisor Mark Campbell Endorse Governor Bullock

August 29, 2019

New Iowa Endorsements Add to Growing List of Rural and Swing-County Democratic Leaders Supporting Governor Bullock

Des Moines, IA – Today, Governor Bullock announced the addition of four new endorsements, predominantly from Iowa swing-counties: Fayette County State Representative Bruce Bearinger, Webster County Supervisor Mark Campbell, Jasper County activist Laura Engel, and Madison County farmer Dan Ryner.

The endorsements come ahead of Governor Bullock's "State House to the White House" Town Hall Tour, traveling to Iowa counties that went from Obama to Trump in 2016 with a focus on electing Democrats up and down the ticket in 2020. Fayette, Webster, and Jasper Counties flipped from Obama to Trump by an average of 28% in 2016.

With more than 150 days until the Iowa Caucus, enthusiasm continues to build around Governor Bullock being the candidate who can beat Donald Trump and ensure that Iowa's concerns are met with action in Washington. Governor Bullock now has the endorsement of 12 prominent Iowa Democrats -- including Attorney General Tom Miller and DNC Member Jan Bauer.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock:

"This election is about bringing Americans together to create a government that will ensure everyone has a fair shot — no matter where you're from or who you vote for. I'm proud to have support from Democrats who are leading the fight to restore a voice to the places that Republicans in the Iowa State Capitol and Washington have left behind."

Bruce Bearinger, four-term State Representative for House District 64 (Fayette County), former high school teacher, and former Education Director for Iowa State Extension in Buchanan:

"Steve Bullock is the voice we need fighting for rural Iowa. As the Governor of a rural state who lives in the same small town where he grew up, Steve understands the unique hardships we face — in our schools, hospitals, and farms. And working with a legislature more Republican than our own, he's proven he can bring those priorities across the finish line. I'm proud to endorse Steve's campaign for President, because I know his work for our communities begins on Day One."

Mark Campbell, Chair of the Webster County Board of Supervisors and small business owner:

"Too often, politicians have walked away from rural and small communities like mine — but not Governor Bullock. Steve campaigns where others will not, and he connects with voters in a way that others cannot. That's precisely the character we need leading our Democratic Party. Steve has earned my support, because he is the candidate who will win back the places Democrats have lost and make sure the needs of rural and small-town Iowa are never forgotten."

Laura Engle, Jasper County activist:

"If we don't have a nominee who can win back places that Democrats have lost, Donald Trump is going to be reelected. That's why I'm endorsing Governor Steve Bullock. In a state Trump won by 20%, Steve's won statewide three times, elected by both the Democratic base and some Trump voters with a message that he'll fight for everyone. That's the leadership that will elect Democrats spanning from the State House to the White House in 2020."

Dan Ryner, Madison County crop and livestock farmer:

"I'm endorsing Governor Bullock because he's the candidate that speaks for rural communities. He has the agricultural experience and executive leadership to end this trade war, and he appeals across the political spectrum by focusing on common sense solutions that bring Americans together. Rural America needs him as our next President."

Steve Bullock, Bullock Campaign Press Release - Iowa State Rep. Bruce Bearinger, Webster County Supervisor Mark Campbell Endorse Governor Bullock Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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