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Bullock Campaign Press Release - Iowa Education Leaders Endorse Governor Steve Bullock for President

October 30, 2019

Four New Endorsers Cite Governor Bullock's Plan to Revitalize Public Schools, Record of Investments in Education

Des Moines, IA – Following the release of his plan to revitalize public education, today four Iowa education leaders announced their endorsement of Montana Governor Steve Bullock:

  • Former Iowa Career & Technical Education Director, Roger Foelske
  • Former President of Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, John Hartung
  • Former President of Missouri National Education Association, former Executive Director of South Dakota Education Association, and Fremont County Resident, Lona Lewis
  • Former Benton Community School Board President, Daniel Voss

The group of educators cite Governor Bullock's extensive record of progressive victories for students and workers, including freezing college tuition, expanding apprenticeship and workforce training, and making record investments in K-12 education. Governor Bullock has now received the endorsement of 20 Iowa Democratic officials, activists, and community leaders.

"The same public-school upbringing that was afforded to my wife and me is now educating my kids for a lifetime of success – and I will never stop fighting until every American has that same opportunity," said Montana Governor Steve Bullock. "When we invest in our public schools, we put our nation on the pathway to success. With the help of these Iowa education leaders, I look forward to revitalizing our public schools to ensure that every child has a fair shot at success."

Roger Foelske, former Bureau Chief and State Director for Career and Technical Education (CTE) at the Iowa Department of Education:

"It has never been more important for our country to invest in our workforce – I'm supporting the candidate who's proven they can get it done. In Montana, Steve created new opportunities for educational advancement. As President, he'll revitalize workforce training so everyone can find success in the 21st century economy. Steve has demonstrated he can make the changes we need, and that's why he's earned my endorsement."

Lona Lewis, former President of the Missouri National Education Association, former Executive Director of the South Dakota Education Association, and a Fremont County resident:

"Governor Steve Bullock will never back down from standing up for public education. As President, he'll take an innovative approach to ensure quality community schools are available for every child in America – beginning with appointing a Secretary of Education who puts students first. He'll also support the needs and rights of educators in the classroom so they can teach the next generation. I'm excited to caucus for Steve, the leader who will keep 'public' in 'public education.'"

Dr. John Hartung, former President of Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities:

"Governor Steve Bullock has dedicated his public service to building common ground and getting things done. As most states were cutting school funding, Steve stood with students and educators to ensure a quality education is affordable for everyone. Just as important, his track record of progress on issues from campaign finance reform and healthcare to protecting our environment are unmatched. I know that as President, his leadership will keep our nation moving forward."

Daniel Voss, former President of the Benton Community School Board:

"Governor Steve Bullock sets himself apart with his unique understanding of the challenges facing education in small-town America. With broader districts and smaller budgets, rural schools need that extra boost to deliver the quality of education we know we can provide, and Steve will get us there. I am proud to support his campaign to ensure that a strong public education is available in every community across Iowa."

Steve Bullock, Bullock Campaign Press Release - Iowa Education Leaders Endorse Governor Steve Bullock for President Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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