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Booker Campaign Press Release - Cory Booker Launches New Radio Ad in South Carolina

December 06, 2019

Ad Will Run on African-American Radio Stations Across the State

Columbia, SC — Cory 2020 is launching a new radio advertisement in South Carolina that will air on African-American radio stations across the state. The ad highlights Booker's personal history and outlines his fight to unify our country and beat Donald Trump.

"Here in South Carolina, you cannot win an election if you don't connect and engage with Black voters — and with this ad, we're speaking directly with voters across the state," said Christale Spain, Cory Booker's South Carolina State Director. "Cory has spent his time in South Carolina as a presidential candidate talking with and more importantly, listening to Black voters. Every time he leaves a room here, the audience is won over — and we want to bring that emotion statewide. We're excited to invest in such important local media and share Cory's message of justice and opportunity for all with South Carolinians."

This is an initial investment in Black radio in South Carolina. You can listen to the ad here. Below is a transcript of the ad:

BOOKER: I'm Cory Booker, I'm running for president, and I approve this message.

When I was a baby, my parents tried to move us into a neighborhood with great public schools. But realtors wouldn't sell us a home because of the color of our skin. Activists ran a sting operation to get us into a house. They changed the course of my entire life. My dad told me, "Boy, never forget where you came from." So over 20 years ago I moved to Newark, New Jersey, to fight slumlords and help families stay in their homes. We are better when we help each other. We are better when we stand together Together, we can build a country where parents can afford to put food on the table. Where there are good paying jobs; where our criminal justice system keeps us safe instead of shuffling more children into cages and coffins.

Together, we will beat Donald Trump and heal our country. Together we will rise. I'm Cory Booker. That's why I'm running for president. Join us and learn more at

Cory Booker, Booker Campaign Press Release - Cory Booker Launches New Radio Ad in South Carolina Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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