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Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Trump Failed to Deliver on His Promise of Creating Jobs; Mike Bloomberg Will Build an All-In Economy

February 05, 2020

NEW YORK — President Trump over-promised and under-delivered on his pledges to create jobs, undermining the economic security of working families across the country and leaving American workers underprepared for future employment challenges. Additionally, Trump's tariff war with China and other nations has cost American businesses and consumers billions of dollars in increased costs.

Unlike Trump, Mike has a proven track record of increasing job opportunities – as a successful entrepreneur, three-term mayor of New York City, and global philanthropist – and has built on this success to inform his national strategy. He has created hundreds of thousands of jobs, built and supported training programs that benefit workers of all types, and championed workers' rights and opportunity throughout his career.

Mike's Plan:

Create the Jobs of the Future in Communities Today

  • Invest billions in research, education and infrastructure to bring good jobs to communities that need them most.
  • Launch a major public research and development investment to create industries of the future in areas such as agriculture, manufacturing and medicine.
  • Revive rural areas by streamlining federal assistance and connecting them to economic growth centers – for example, by providing broadband access.
  • Create a place-based Earned Income Tax Credit to reward employers for locating and hiring in distressed communities.

Make Education and Training a National Priority

  • Make the education and upskilling of Americans the Vice President's #1 priority.
  • Invest in community colleges and apprentice programs, with the goal of boosting apprenticeship starts to 1 million a year by 2030.
  • Upgrade career-training systems and programs in every state with a focus on marketable skills, employer-partnerships, and transitioning adult workers.
  • Streamline the government's 43 employment and training programs, pool their resources and focus funding on those that deliver the best results for people.
  • Help more people afford training – for example, by allowing them to access extended benefits through unemployment insurance.
  • Expand and improve the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, widening eligibility to cover workers affected by changes such as automation and the transition to a green economy.

Improve Jobs and Protect Workers

  • Grant all workers – including gig, contract and franchise employees – the right to organize and bargain collectively.
  • Oppose the spread of anti-union "Right-to-Work" laws.
  • Extend traditional protections, including the minimum wage, to domestic workers and farm workers.
  • Limit non-compete clauses for low- and middle-income workers.
  • Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, indexed to inflation.
  • Institute a federal standard for paid family leave.

Support Entrepreneurship

  • Help communities across the country set up the most effective possible one-stop shops for entrepreneurs, elevating the best local ideas to the national level.
  • Expand mentorship and incubator programs to help people start and expand their businesses.

For more information on Mike's plans, visit here.

Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Trump Failed to Deliver on His Promise of Creating Jobs; Mike Bloomberg Will Build an All-In Economy Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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