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Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Senator Sanders: Brought to You by the NRA

February 26, 2020

NEW YORK — Senator Bernie Sanders talks about the power of special interests in Washington, but he never mentions to his supporters the special interest group he often sides with: the NRA.

According to Politifact, "Sanders won his congressional bid about 25 years ago thanks at least in part to the NRA, and has voted against major pieces of gun control legislation." Notably, Sen. Sanders has voted against the Brady Background Check bill — five times.

While Sen. Sanders has been standing up for the gun lobby, Mike has been taking the fight to their door. In 2005, Mike signed a law in New York City allowing residents to sue gun manufacturers for criminal negligence. That same year, Sanders voted to give the gun manufacturers immunity.

No candidate has been tougher on the NRA than Mike. He's never sided with the NRA, and has certainly never used their help to get elected:

  • During Mike's time as mayor, firearm deaths decreased by 48% and the firearm death rate was less than a third the rate in the rest of the country.
  • When he left City Hall, Mike didn't walk away from this fight – he helped launch Everytown for Gun Safety – which boasts six million supporters and is the country's most powerful grass-roots force for gun safety.
  • In the 2018 midterm elections, Mike spent millions to elect Democratic candidates, which was instrumental in Democrats retaking the House.

Read more about Mike's plan on gun safety here.

Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Senator Sanders: Brought to You by the NRA Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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