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Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer Endorses Mike Bloomberg for President

February 20, 2020

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY — New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5), Co-Chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president today, praising his leadership and proven problem solving in both business and government, his pragmatic approach to working across divides to get things done, and his ambitious plans to address our country's most pressing issues. Gottheimer also called Mike the strongest candidate to win the White House, lauding Mike's ability to help down-ballot Democratic candidates win in November. Gottheimer's endorsement is the latest example of the momentum Mike Bloomberg 2020 has in the northeast.

"I'm endorsing Mike Bloomberg because we need an experienced, proven leader who has big ideas, will fight to get things done, and knows how to work with — and get votes from – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Democrats need a candidate at the top of the ticket who can win," said Congressman Josh Gottheimer. "As he demonstrated as an entrepreneur and mayor, Mike is a proven problem solver. He isn't afraid to speak his mind, and knows that you'll never make lasting progress with scorched earth tweets, nasty personal attacks, or an all-or-nothing extremist approach to governing. It's about building bridges, uniting people, and finding common ground. His ideas are bold and visionary, but also reasonable and pragmatic. Americans want someone who isn't satisfied with partisan inaction, but someone who will sit down, civilly, and get their health care costs down, fix their roads and bridges, look out for their kids, and, with great strength, keep us safe at home and abroad. With so much at stake for Democrats up and down the ballot, we must unite behind a candidate who can appeal to voters across the spectrum and bring together every part of the country. We need Mike."

"Rep. Gottheimer is proof that with the right candidate, we can bridge political divides and turn red areas blue – and that's what we need to do in November," said Mike Bloomberg. "In Congress, he has worked to break gridlock and find bipartisan solutions to the big challenges we face. That's what I will do as president, and I'm honored to have his support."

Representing New Jersey's Fifth Congressional District, Gottheimer serves on the House Financial Services Committee where he works on three Subcommittees: the National Security, International Development and Monetary Policy Subcommittee; the Investor Protection, Entrepreneurship, and Capital Markets Subcommittee; and the Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee.

Gottheimer is a Co-Chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, where he works to bring Democrats and Republicans together across party lines to find areas of agreement on key issues from lowering the cost of prescription drugs to cutting taxes to improving infrastructure for the American people.

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