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Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Nearly Thirty Mayors From Across the Country Endorse Mike Bloomberg for President

February 04, 2020

Today's endorsements bring total number of "Mayors for Mike" to more than 60 in just 10 weeks

NEW YORK — On the heels of Iowa, nearly thirty current and former mayors from across the country today endorsed Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg for president, bringing the number of "Mayors for Mike" to more than sixty in just ten weeks since Bloomberg announced his candidacy. These more than 60 Mayors for Mike represent diverse constituencies from 26 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. They are focused on making progress on issues critical to their communities including climate change, health care, gun safety, infrastructure, economic mobility, and more.

"Serving as mayor and working to improve the lives of New Yorkers was one of the great joys of my life. I've seen firsthand how much mayors can accomplish, and I know how much more they could do with a true partner in the White House," said Mike Bloomberg. "I'm honored to have the support of so many talented and accomplished mayors — Black, Latino, white, from cities big and small, and from every part of the country. As president, I will empower them to work with us to fight climate change, reduce gun violence, improve education, rebuild our infrastructure, and take on all the other challenges this president has ignored."

Current Mayors

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz of Anchorage, Alaska: "As mayor, I ask my team to take me out past where I can see, to solve problems and identify opportunities that are over the horizon. Mike has proven that he has the vision to take us past where we can see. He's imagined a future that lives up to the best of who we can be, and he has the optimism and pragmatism to rally all America. I know his team — and trust their principles and professionalism to make Mike's vision a reality — and to move us all forward, together."

Mayor Percy Bland of Meridian, Mississippi: "There are so many things to admire about Mike Bloomberg. But chief among them has to be his commitment to tackling the core issues plaguing our country. Mike knows that there are practical, passable policies that will tackle our infrastructure needs, address the violence impacting our communities, and provide economic empowerment. Whether it's his groundbreaking Greenwood Initiative or the work he's done for decades, Mike is that guy and I look forward to sending him to Washington. He can go toe-to-toe with the roadblocks that have been an impediment to progress."

Mayor Scott Brook of Coral Springs, Florida: "As a former New Yorker and a graduate of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative for mayors, I am proud to endorse Mike for President. He has a great affirmative vision for this country that sees beyond party to lift all of us up, and his ability to connect the dots and get big things done is truly unsurpassed."

Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter of San Leandro, California: "Cities are ripe for innovation, and it's high time we coupled compassion and cooperation with technology to create communities that work for everyone.Mike Bloomberg has long realized that cities can lead the way in progressive planning and that when you yoke data to vision, you can stretch budgets farther and make cities greener, more inclusive and more equitable at the same time."

Mayor Luke Feeney of Chillicothe, Ohio: "Mike has built a career on bringing people together to fix problems, and he has a proven track record of getting things done as a mayor. Mike came to Chillicothe to hear directly from our community about how the opioid crisis has affected so many of our friends and neighbors. But while he understands there are real issues facing our country, Mike also has a vision of moving towns like ours forward–by rebuilding America's infrastructure, creating jobs, training workers and helping them succeed. Mike has invested in the issues that matter to communities like ours, and I'm looking forward to joining this campaign and helping him understand the challenges facing rural America."

Mayor Keith James of West Palm Beach, Florida: "Mike knows that when the rubber hits the road, it's mayors who get the job done. He knows that local leaders look past partisanship and focus on results. It's exactly what Mike did in New York to great acclaim and what he'll do president. It's high time we brought this kind of approach to the White House, and if anyone's up to the task, it's Mike."

Mayor Muhammad Robbalaa of Fort Coffee, Oklahoma: "Mike Bloomberg believes in building generational wealth for Black America. He will invest $75 billion in struggling communities across the country, set a goal of 1 million first-time African American homeowners and double the size of Black owned businesses. He wants to bring everyone into the American Dream — rural areas, urban areas from coast to coast and border to border. Nobody will be left behind."

Mayor Rob Schroder of Martinez, California: "As a Mayor of a smaller city, it's a challenge to keep up with our infrastructure needs, let alone all of the new multi-modal efforts to move people and goods efficiently around our region. I'm endorsing Mike Bloomberg for President because his community-driven approach to infrastructure works. By recognizing that mayors like me are in the best position to develop priorities and effective solutions, his plan will bring our nation's infrastructure into the 21st century."

Mayor Kathy Sheehan of Albany, New York: "Mike Bloomberg has a record of tackling the big issues that impact communities across the country including gun violence, affordable housing, jobs and infrastructure. Mike has been taking on the gun lobby for more than a decade. We need common sense gun laws and he's on it. Mike also has a vision to increase quality affordable housing, create a path to citizenship, grow the economy and improve our infrastructure. He's a mayor who has dedicated himself to helping mayors across the country, and he's one of the most successful business leaders of all time. Mike will get his smart agenda done for all Americans."

Mayor Efrain Silva of El Centro, California: "Strong communities are built on strong foundations. I'm thrilled Mike Bloomberg is going to put more money in the hands of local governments to overhaul aging infrastructure and create a built environment that's sustainable safe. Like me, Mike knows that infrastructure doesn't just protect places, it protects people. And the beauty of his policy is that it keeps people at the heart of any plans we create."

Mayor Jeffrey Slavin of Somerset, Maryland: "I know how challenging and rewarding being a mayor is, because I am one. Mike Bloomberg was a terrific mayor and he did a lot of good things for the people of New York. Mike is also a good friend to the LGBTQ+ community, a constituency that I'm a part of. He embodies other values I hold dear: he practices tikun olam, the belief that it is each human's job to make the world better and he does this through service and giving. Mike Bloomberg would make the best president among all the outstanding Democrats running because he's seasoned, progressive, and he gets things done."

Mayor Robert Uribe of Douglas, Arizona: "I lived under a Bloomberg administration growing up in New York City, and I can tell you that his leadership there was something to behold. Especially after 9/11. He did the impossible. He brought the city back from the ashes and not only restored confidence in the city, but made it an even better place to live than it was before. Better yet, he lifted up all five boroughs together and proves he cares about everyone. I can't wait for him to do the same thing across all 50 states."

Mayor Racquel Vasquez of Lemon Grove, California: "Maintaining aging infrastructure and creating good-paying jobs are two issues that mayors confront every day. Mike Bloomberg has a plan for both issues. He'll invest in municipalities to not only maintain the infrastructure we have, he'll also put federal dollars to work helping build 21st century upgrades so that we'll be in great shape for the next generation. Mike is a businessman who created nearly 500,000 jobs in New York City and 20,000 at his company. He has the know-how and the strategy to bring economic opportunity to every corner of the nation."

Mayor Shirley Washington of Pine Bluff, Arkansas: "Mike knows that government isn't just about saying what people want to hear, it's about delivering what people need. And what we need is Mike's leadership on infrastructure. We have too many bridges, roads and levees that are failing. And I know with Mike's vision to tie investment to clear goals, we'll be able to get this country moving faster, safer, smarter and greener."

Mayor Enid Weisman of Aventura, Florida: "Access to high-quality public education is fundamental to building strong communities. Mike Bloomberg believes that every American should have the type of education that will enable them to achieve success. As a mayor, graduation rates in New York City rose by 42 percent. It's an amazing outcome, and it's just one of the many incredible successes of his mayoralty. And just as Mike made a big difference in New York, he'll bring that knowledge, experience, and vision to the nation. He will work to unite us and he will get the job done."

Former Mayors

Former Mayor Ralph Becker of Salt Lake City, Utah: "I've long respected Mike's integrity and vision on so many issues that matter to Utahns. His track record on climate action, sensible gun reform, and health care in particular show that he knows how to get things done. He is beholden to no special interests and I believe he would unite our country."

Former Mayor Virg Bernero of Lansing, Michigan: "I support Mike Bloomberg because he's been in the trenches fighting America's biggest battles for decades. From climate change to gun violence to economic opportunity for all, Mike Bloomberg's been on the front lines standing up for us. Not only can Mike Bloomberg beat Donald Trump, he's the leader we need to bring integrity, common sense and civility back to Washington. Mike's the one to win in 2020 and get America back on track."

Former Mayor Jim Berryman of Adrian, Michigan: "Mike's plan for an all-in economy that serves all people in all places is just what we need to get this country moving in the right direction.As a long time champion of small business and economic development, I know we need to bring resources and investment to more regions of the country, and with Mike as President, I'm confident that everyone with a great idea will finally have an equal chance at getting it off the ground."

Former Mayor Bob Buckhorn of Tampa, Florida: "In Tampa, we love our entrepreneurs and Mike Bloomberg is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. "He wants every American to succeed and have their own slice of the American Dream. He's also big on infrastructure, expanding broadband access to all, and just one of the most capable mayors I know. Mike will bring prosperity and calm to our country, and he's got my vote."

Former Mayor Peter Corroon of Salt Lake County, Utah: "The air we breathe and the water we drink aren't something we can take for granted. While there's no silver bullet, we have to wake up to the nation's ongoing pollution problems and the health crises that follow. Mike Bloomberg understands that we need to protect our citizens and promote our businesses. He's pragmatic and has solutions that will make our lives cleaner, greener, wealthier and healthier."

Former Mayor Patrick Hays of North Little Rock, Arkansas: "Once a mayor, always a mayor. And even if Mike Bloomberg is running for president, he'll always be a mayor at heart. There's no-one in the current field who understands and supports local leaders like Mike, and with his sterling track record in business and government, there's not a candidate in sight who can come close to matching his record of achievement in one, let alone in both."

Former Mayor Lucy Johnson of Kyle, Texas: "Inclusion is the key to getting big things done. Mike Bloomberg will unify the country so that every American will feel part of the process. When whole communities get involved and inspired, everyone benefits. Our country is growing and we need to keep up. Mike understands this and he will help us all fulfill our highest potential — by putting federal dollars behind local growth, education, infrastructure, and opportunity."

Former Mayor Jon Kinsey of Chattanooga, Tennessee: "Mike Bloomberg is a mayor I admire. He made the largest city in America stronger, better and safer. It's quite a record. What makes him so special is the fact that in addition to being a competent and successful mayor, he's also one of the most successful entrepreneurs America has ever produced. This combination of governance and business experience is exactly what the country needs."

Former Mayor Byron Nolen of Inkster, Michigan: "You're either going up or you're going down. With Mike Bloomberg, our country will be going up. He did an admirable job as mayor of New York City and life got better for the people who live there. He'll take that know-how to Washington and our entire nation will prosper. Mike has vision and experience — two things that can change the course of history. He will more than get the job done."

Former Mayor Douglas Palmer of Trenton, New Jersey: "Mayors take on the big issues — affordable housing, gun violence, safety, infrastructure, and job creation. "Mike has tackled all of these issues and he's come out a winner. He became the mayor of New York City after 911 when it was down, and he made smart choices, based on data. That, plus the high-quality people he surrounded himself with, helped New York come back stronger than ever. Mike is one of the most successful businessmen this country has ever seen and he was a top-notch mayor. He's done it before and he'll get the job done in Washington."

Former Mayor Kathy Taylor of Tulsa, Oklahoma: "Entrepreneurship and education are the two most important pillars of economic equity and mobility. Mike's policies focus on both in a way that squarely addresses the long-standing inequality in America. The Greenwood Initiative is just one example of Mike's commitment to communities across America."

Former Mayor Karen Weaver of Flint, Michigan: "Our aging infrastructure matters and it is critical that it's addressed now. As a former mayor, Mike Bloomberg understands the need for our cities to have safe water that residents can trust and clean air they can breathe. He cares about the underinvestment in our cities and towns in America. Mike is unrivaled in the business sector and he knows how to get things done. Safe water, clean air, public health, and job opportunities are high priorities to Mike Bloomberg, and he will go to Washington to make sure that every American has these necessities."

These 27 mayors join three other mayors who endorsed Mike Bloomberg in the past week:

Former Mayor John Cook of El Paso, Texas: "I like Mike. I'm a fellow New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. Mike has shown that he can tackle big challenges and he's the only candidate that can beat Donald Trump. As cofounder of the US Mexico Border Mayors Association, I can attest that Mike understands the challenges and opportunities of trade and the need for holistic immigration reform. I believe Mike will build on the work here in El Paso and get it done."

Former Mayor Karl Dean of Nashville, Tennessee: "Mike and I overlapped during our tenures as mayors of New York and Nashville and many of his focuses — domestic violence reduction, healthy cities and financial empowerment zones — were also part of the fabric of our city. I worked with Mike when Nashville received a Bloomberg Philanthropies grant to help our low-income residents get out of debt and build assets. I was proud to work with him then and I'm proud to support him for President."

Former Mayor Bill White of Houston, Texas: "Mike Bloomberg is my candidate for President. He shoots straight and keeps commitments. Mike is the kind of leader our nation needs right now. He knows how to get things done, and will focus on issues that matter to most Texans: good jobs, accessible healthcare, and practical steps to mitigate climate change."

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