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Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Mike Bloomberg To Re-Engage America in the Global Effort to Fight Climate Change

December 09, 2019

Bloomberg Will Rejoin the Paris Agreement In First Act as President and Increase U.S. Commitment to Reduce Emissions

New York, New York – Mike Bloomberg today announced that he will re-engage America in the global fight against climate change as President, rejoining the Paris Agreement as his first act and increasing the U.S. commitment to reduce emissions. Tomorrow, Mike will attend the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid, where he will deliver the latest report from America's Pledge, a group he co-founded after Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. America's Pledge quantifies and communicates the climate progress of the nearly 4,000 cities, states and businesses – representing nearly 70 percent of the country's GDP – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions despite inaction by the federal government.

As President, Mike will build off his extensive track record as one of America's leading climate activists, putting an unprecedented focus on climate in the general election and making climate change one of his top priorities once elected. While Mayor of New York City, Mike pioneered the most comprehensive sustainability plan in the country, setting a new standard for what cities can accomplish in the fight against climate change. Mike served under the two most recent UN Secretary-Generals as a Special Envoy for climate, and earlier this year Mike created Beyond Carbon, the largest coordinated initiative on climate change ever undertaken to turbo-charge work underway in nearly every corner of the country.

"Trump has failed to address the most urgent issue of our time," said Senior Advisor Brynne Craig. "Fortunately, Mike Bloomberg has been ahead of the climate crisis for many years. Mike has successfully taken on the coal industry and his extensive climate work with cities, states and businesses shows a way forward for America. As President, Mike will ensure the federal government builds on progress made around the country, helping us finally achieve a clean energy future. This election matters more for the climate than any other in history."

Mike will highlight key initiatives from his climate agenda domestically and internationally throughout the week across a series of events and announcements. The campaign today launched its first ad focusing on climate change targeting President Trump's lack of leadership on climate issues – a digital spot in California titled "Smoke and Fire," contrasting President Trump "the climate denier" with Mike's successful effort to move from coal to renewable energy. The ad is here.

Later this week, Mike will travel to California to announce policies to curtail the region's record wildfires. Further details will be announced later in the week.

Highlights of his international climate initiatives include:

  • Consult with cities, states, and tribal governments to create a national roadmap to achieve the new 2030 target, and holding immediate talks with the top 20 emitting countries to bring them into alignment as well.
  • Hold governments accountable and penalize corporations responsible for deforestation that rob people of their lives and communities.
  • Calculate the costs of U.S. climate change efforts and apply a corresponding border adjustment – a charge on imports and a tax break for exports – for emissions-intensive goods.
  • Establish a precedent for supporting people permanently displaced by climate change by creating an entry point to apply for refugee status in the United States.
  • Use trade and security agreements to strongly encourage that all countries with whom we have diplomatic relations are party to the Paris Agreement and have a verifiable plan to reduce emissions.
  • Put military bases on a path to self-sufficiency. Improve the resilience of all infrastructure that the military relies on at home and abroad from the effects of climate change, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

For more policy highlights and a full summary of Mike's record on climate, click here. Mike will release additional details about the pillars of his climate policy agenda in the coming weeks.

Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Mike Bloomberg To Re-Engage America in the Global Effort to Fight Climate Change Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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