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Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Leaders React to Mike Bloomberg's New Latino Policy Agenda "El Paso Adelante"

January 31, 2020

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg delivered remarks in El Paso, Texas outlining El Paso Adelante, his plan to expand opportunity for the Latino community. El Paso Adelante, or the path forward, calls for significant investments in Latino communities in four ways: closing the college completion gap between whites and Latinos, doubling the number of Latino-owned businesses with employees, reducing chronic diseases among Latinos, as well as clearing the naturalization backlog and creating a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants who contribute to our communities, economy, and country.

Responses from Leaders About Mike Bloomberg's El Paso Adelante plan:

Cesar Blanco, Texas State Representative for House District 76 Representing El Paso:

"Mike Bloomberg knows that the path to the White House runs through Texas and through the Latino community in El Paso. I am grateful to him for valuing the contributions made by my constituents, and for recognizing that whether it's on the battlefield, in law enforcement, in schools, or in the halls of government, Latinos continue to make critical contributions to American life. We need to do more to elevate the many and varied ways Latinos serve our country and to end the hateful and dangerous rhetoric of the Trump administration. Many of the people in my community have made great sacrifices to be here, and we need a president who will not only give them the respect they deserve, but put in place policies that make it easier for Latinos to prosper in school, at work and at home. Mike Bloomberg's new El Paso Adelante policy does just that."

Former Mayor John Cook of El Paso, Texas:

"It's about time that we had a presidential candidate who realized that our Southern border represents an opportunity, not a threat. More than $500 billion worth of goods flow between Mexico and the United States each year and, as co-founder of the U.S. Mexico Border Mayors Association, I can tell you that I, and the other mayors of border regions, know this is an asset and not a liability. Borders aren't just a gateway for goods and people – they represent an entire economy that has grown up around that flow. Trump doesn't realize that we don't need a wall. What we need are smart policies that support this growth and manage the flow wisely. Thank goodness Mike Bloomberg knows this. His pledge to modernize our borders so that goods and services move faster and more securely just makes sense – and allows people like me to make the most of the relationships we've already built. With Mike at the helm, I feel optimistic about the role border communities could play in our economy and hopeful that we can make our borders not just a beacon of hope, but a pillar of opportunity."

Manny Diaz, former mayor of Miami, Mike Bloomberg 2020 National Political Co-Chair:

"Mike Bloomberg has always been a true friend to the Hispanic/Latino community. As a grandson of immigrants raised in a middle-class home Mike understands the many contributions our community makes to American society every day. His bold new agenda for our community tackles the issues that are most important to our families, including affordable and high-quality health care, better educational and economic opportunities, and immigration reform. As a young immigrant, I benefited from a government that invested in me. I'm deeply concerned that the Trump administration, through its words and actions, is telling a whole generation of Hispanics/Latinos that our government is unwilling to provide those same opportunities today. I'm confident Mike will restore the promise of America and fight to keep the American Dream alive for all who wish to pursue it."

Mayor Yxstian Alberto Gutierrez of Moreno Valley City, California:

"I am focused on the issues that define our lives — the economy, access to high-quality education, and expanded public safety. Every community needs good paying jobs and the educational resources to create a local workforce that can fill those jobs. I was an educator for more than 20 years and I know how important our schools are. I'm also a businessman. Mike Bloomberg has terrific plans to bring workers and jobs together, for Latinos, but also for residents of all communities across the country. He's a once-in-a generation candidate who has succeeded in governing and in business. He has tremendous plans to narrow the income and wealth gaps between Latinos and whites through higher wages, higher levels of home ownership, and business growth. His plan will enable more Latinos to be able to afford quality college education without taking on crushing debt and to complete their degrees. He is also a unifier who won't divide Americans, which will make every one of us safer. Mike is a friend to my community and he has the knowledge and experience to get the job done."

Mayor Mary Casillas Salas of Chula Vista, California:

"Mike has a plan that really focuses on Latinos. One of the best parts of many great parts of the El Paso Adelante plan is the way he prioritizes Latino health care. Mike will work to improve the health of Latinos and reduce chronic diseases that disproportionately impact Latinos. How? He'll expand access to health care, provide children and families with healthier living environments and increase access to healthier food and homes, ensuring Lantinos lead healthier lives. Mike has a long record of delivering for the Latino community. As mayor of New York he signed executive orders to give immigrants rights to government services and medical care and protected crime victims regardless of immigration status. We need a leader in Washington who understands our community and cares about our issues. Mike is that man and he will fight alongside us."

Cesar Chavez, Arizona State Representative for House District 29, Representing Maryvale, South Glendale, and Litchfield Park:

"I grew up seeing first-hand the lack of educational resources and the inadequacies of our health care system. These struggles are still a part of life for many Latinos. Parents like mine, who made great personal sacrifices, worry about the future. Mike's plan demonstrates a real and inclusive economic opportunity agenda for Latino families. It seeks to restore health and safety, provide access to high-quality educational opportunities, protects our right to vote, and it offers a path to citizenship for the more than 11 million undocumented imigrants who contribute to our society. His El Paso Adelante plan addresses economic security, immigration, gun safety, domestic violence, hate crimes, climate change and voting rights. Mike understands the needs of Latinos and all Americans. He wants an inclusive nation, not a divided one. And, he will get the job done."

U.S. Congresswoman Norma J. Torres (CA-35), the only member of Congress from Central America:

"I applaud Mayor Bloomberg for shedding light on the many challenges facing our communities. We are not unlike the rest of America; we want to raise our families in safe communities and access to affordable healthcare and education. That's why I have introduced the BASIC Act to help combat student hunger and homelessness. I am also encouraged to see Mayor Bloomberg prioritizing the stability of mixed-status families. Unlike the current administration that preaches family values in speeches while tearing families apart in practice, Mayor Bloomberg realizes that hardworking families of varying immigration status should stay together. I am committed to work with Mayor Bloomberg to realize his comprehensive Latino agenda."

Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg Campaign Press Release - Leaders React to Mike Bloomberg's New Latino Policy Agenda "El Paso Adelante" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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