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Biden Campaign Statement on Biden and Trump Town Halls

October 15, 2020

Joe Biden Just Won The Debate Donald Trump Was Afraid to Have

In response to tonight's town halls on ABC and NBC, Biden for President Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield released the following statement:

"Tonight, once again there was one leader and one liar.

Joe Biden gave thoughtful answers to voters' questions about COVID-19, taxes, racial equity, climate change, and more. And even after the town hall ended, Biden stuck around to discuss more about the challenges they face, and what he'll do as President.

1,100 miles away, and in a false, alternate reality of his own making, President Trump was combative and lashed out at voters. He refused to denounce QAnon. He defended an unhinged conspiracy theory about the brave American soldiers who took out Osama Bin Laden. He lied about the effectiveness of masks. And, as dozens of states see rising COVID infections, Trump said we are "rounding the corner."

President Trump was once again weak and angry. He's losing, and he's desperate. Trump has no answers for his failures to contain COVID-19 and manage our economy. And, after nearly four years in office, Trump still has no vision for how he'll make health care more affordable.

Working families are facing challenges across the country. They deserve a president who will address them, who will work every day to make their lives just a little bit easier. Tonight, Biden demonstrated that he will be that president. Biden offered strong ideas on the key problems."

Joe Biden had a real conversation with voters about his plans for our nation:

Washington Post's Matt Viser: "The split screen between Joe Biden and Donald Trump tonight is wild. Biden, calmly sitting and talking about infrastructure and mask mandates. Trump, combative and challenging every question as he refuses to denounce QAnon and sows doubt in the election."

Fletcher School Professor Daniel W. Drezner: "Biden gets a foreign policy question from a Trump supporter claiming peace is breaking out all over the world. His answer is wide-ranging and very good and rendered the questioner speechless."

Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute Norman Ornstein: "Just a great point by point response about Trump's foreign-policy by Biden"

Hugh Hewitt: "Very appealing @JoeBiden, not because he is talking about what he will do if he loses but because he emphasizes that everyone is entitled to dignity."

Washington Post's EJ Dionne: "'It could say I was a lousy candidate, I didn't do a good job.'
Have to say I loved @JoeBiden's answer on what it would say about the country if he loses. Inconceivable #Trump could ever utter that sentence. Tells us a lot about who each man is, and why I think Biden will win."

Peter Hamby: "Biden gets knocked for gaffes, but is there any candidate who has been more on message from Day One? Maybe Bernie. Same lines, same pitch, same message, every single day since joining the race. On full display tonight in contrast to Trump."

Bloomberg's Cheryl Bolen: "I'm watching @JoeBiden town hall, just took Qs on Covid vaccine and taxes from audience members described as Republicans-they appeared satisfied with his answers.
.@GStephanopoulos doing good follow-ups"

David Weissman: "Joe Biden was awesome."

MSNBC's Kyle Griffin: "Biden is still speaking with the voters. He's now wearing a mask, too."

Bloomberg's Jennifer Epstein: "More than five minutes after ABC town hall ended, Biden is still speaking to voters in the hall."

Washington Post's Matt Viser: "Joe Biden appears to have started a second town hall, staying in the room and trying to convince the voters in the room as he answers more questions."

CNN's Eric Bradner: "This is one way to describe exactly the contrast Biden wants to draw:
@Mercedesschlapp: Well @JoeBiden @ABCPolitics townhall feels like I am watching an episode of Mister Rodgers Neighborhood."

Washington Post Columnist Catherine Rampell:

While Trump flailed.

Washington Post Columnist Josh Rogin: "Trump says people can decide for themselves if Obama and Biden killed Seal Team 6 to cover up the fake killing of Osama bin Laden, which is why he retweeted that. #2020"

Matthew Yglesias: "Closing argument from the Trump campaign is to go negative on Mr Rogers."

CNN's John Harwood: "odds that Trump is winning any votes with this town hall are not high"

Bloomberg's Justin Sink: "so the first half hour had potus:
- saying he didn't know if he was tested before last debate
- refuse to say his administration doesn't include a satanic child sex ring
- say people can 'decide for themselves' if the killing of bin laden was a hoax
- say science out on masks"

CNN's Manu Raju: Trump seems to confirm he owes more than $400 million in debt. He says "it's a tiny percentage of my net worth." Then says it's for mortgages. Says it's not to Russia. Then asked if he owes foreign banks, and he says: "not that I know of" before saying "probably."

CNN's Daniel Dale: "It's rounding the corner," Trump says again, again based on nothing, as cases and hospitalizations spike once more.

CNN's Jim Acosta: "Given multiple opportunities, Trump refused to denounce Qanon at town hall."

Tyler Conway: "tonight is honestly the best I've felt about voting for Biden"

MSNBC's Kyle Griffin: "Trump town hall highlights (a brief list):
Does not denounce QAnon
Admits he "probably" owes money to foreign banks
Spreads lies about masks
Refuses to say when he last tested negative before getting COVID"

Jonathan Alter: "Trump's failure to denounce Q-Anon will be a big story. Same with his pathetic position on masks. He is mentally unbalanced and a public health menace. Btw, he is lying every time he opens his mouth. Every statistic and argument is bogus. Every. Single. One."

Joseph R. Biden, Biden Campaign Statement on Biden and Trump Town Halls Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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