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Biden Campaign Press Release - Trump Broken Promises on COVID-19

July 31, 2020

We are ensnared in Donald Trump's failures. Every direction you look, the Trump Administration has failed to prepare, failed to act, failed to lead, and failed to care. Nowhere is that more evident than the colossal fiasco of testing. For months, the Trump Administration's refusal to ramp up a nationwide testing campaign and drive advances in faster, more affordable, more accurate testing -- as Joe Biden has repeatedly called for -- has enabled the virus to spread out of control through our communities. While the numbers of tests have increased, so have the infection rates and wait times - and experts say we are still not testing nearly enough. Testing sites are hard to access, and lines are long. The criteria for who needs a test is still unclear. And supply-chain bottlenecks mean some Americans are waiting a week or more for results, effectively rendering the test useless.

Trump's track record on testing has been abysmal. At every turn, he's lied. He's broken promises. He's taken steps to actually make things worse.

It's now nearly August. What has he promised us today?

In March:

  • He promised every American who wanted a test could get a test done. It was a lie then. It is a lie now. It wasn't the only one.
  • He promised there would be testing sites in the parking lots of big box retailers all across the country. It didn't happen.
  • He promised to build a website that would help Americans decide if they needed a test and direct them to the nearest testing site. He never did.
  • He promised rapid testing with "lightning-fast results." Where is it?

In April:

  • He said states with a "lot of land... don't need testing." He said "everything is perfect." It wasn't.
  • He said his Administration was deploying testing to underserved populations. Three months later, it's far easier to get a test if you live in a wealthier, whiter area.

In May:

  • He said we had the best testing in the world. We don't.
  • He suggested testing is "overrated." It isn't.

In June:

  • He bragged -- literally bragged -- that he ordered his staff to slow down testing. It looks like they listened. He said testing "makes us look bad." It doesn't.
  • He tried to end federal funding for community-based testing sites, leading state and local officials to plead their individuals cases.

In July:

  • He claimed, "When you test, you create cases." That's not how it works.
  • He tried to block new funding for testing and contract tracing. The jury is still out.

Joseph R. Biden, Biden Campaign Press Release - Trump Broken Promises on COVID-19 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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