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Biden Campaign Press Release - More Americans Trust Biden and Harris To Make Them Safer, Address Crime, And Unite Nation

October 07, 2020

The images that have flashed across the news in recent months of injustice, protest, division, and even violence all have one thing in common: they're happening in Donald Trump's America. And instead of bringing the nation together to address our challenges, unite and heal together, the current president has fanned the flames. In a desperate attempt to avert blame for the chaos, division and failure that has defined his presidency, Trump and his team have tried to shift it onto Joe Biden. But here's the thing: we're living in Donald Trump's America.

Joe Biden has been very clear: violence is unacceptable, no matter who commits it. He has shown by example that a real leader can stand up for equal justice -- listening to the families and communities in pain, and taking action to unite the country -- while unequivocally condemning violence of all kinds.

It's clear why more Americans trust Joe Biden on the issue of public safety.

  • Morning Consult, 9/2/20: "Trump Says 'No One Will Be Safe' Under His Opponent. But More Voters Trust Biden on Public Safety"
  • Axios, 9/2/20: "50% of likely voters say having Trump as president makes them feel less safe" [...] "'While the president has been pushing the issue of safety to the center of the presidential campaign, it raises the question: Who most has your back, the current administration or the challengers?' Quinnipiac analyst Tim Malloy noted in a press release. 'As racial strife, a seemingly endless pandemic, and an economy on life support unnerve Americans, voters foresee a more reliable lifeline in the Biden Harris ticket.' The bottom line: Wednesday's Quinnipiac poll found that likely voters believe Biden would do a better job than Trump at handling racial inequality, the country's coronavirus response, health care and a crisis in general."
  • Fox, 9/2/20: "Biden's advantage comes from strong support among women and suburban voters. Moreover, suburban women in all three states trust Biden over Trump to handle coronavirus and policing/criminal justice."
  • Washington Post, 9/4/20: "After weeks of Trump rhetoric on crime, voters have a clear preference on the issue: Joe Biden"
  • The Hill, 9/4/20: "Joe Biden leads President Trump by 7 points in a new national poll that finds the Democratic nominee significantly outperforming the president on the coronavirus and curbing violence in American cities. [...] Biden is viewed as the better candidate in almost every other area, from the coronavirus, to race, policing, law and order, and China."
  • ABC, 9/4/20: "Trump's rhetoric on protests seen as detrimental by majority of Americans: POLL" [...] "Trump's attempt to reframe the race against former Vice President Joe Biden around 'law and order,' does not appear to be breaking through. Over half of the country -- 55% -- in the new poll, which was conducted by Ipsos in partnership with ABC News using Ipsos' Knowledge Panel, said they think Trump is aggravating the situation, while just over one in 10 Americans, 13%, said they think he is making it better. [...] Between the two candidates, more Americans trust Biden over Trump to keep the country safe, 55%-42%; to keep their families safe, 56%-42%; to care more about them, 59%-38%; to unite the country, 64%-33%; to handle the protests across the country, 59%-39%; to address racial discrimination, 64%-34%; to manage the COVID-19 response, 60%-38%; and to reduce violence in the country, 59%-39%."
  • New York Times, 9/12/20: "But the poll, conducted among likely voters, showed they prefer Mr. Biden by clear margins on the issues of the coronavirus pandemic, race relations and fostering national unity, a sobering result for the president's supporters."
  • Fox, 9/13/20: "Biden is favored on racial inequality (+12), coronavirus (+8), health care (+8), Supreme Court nominations (+7), and immigration (+7 points)."
  • Monmouth, 9/14/20: 52% Of Americans Said They Were "Very Confident" Or "Somewhat Confident" That Joe Biden "Can Maintain Law And Order If He Is Elected President," Compared To 48% Who Said The Same Of Donald Trump. [...] 45% Of Americans Said That, If Joe Biden Was President, He "Would Have Handled The [Protests] Better" Than Donald Trump, Compared To 28% Who Said He Would Have Handled The Protests Worse Than Trump And 23% Who Said He Would Have Handled The Protests "About The Same."

Joseph R. Biden, Biden Campaign Press Release - More Americans Trust Biden and Harris To Make Them Safer, Address Crime, And Unite Nation Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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