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Biden Campaign Press Release - Joe Biden Picks Up Historic Bipartisan Slate of Puerto Rican Endorsements

December 05, 2019

Campaign Announces Co-Chairs of Puerto Rico Council

Today, Biden for President announced 25 new endorsements from elected officials, party leaders, and various candidates running for public office across Puerto Rico. Additionally, the campaign announced that former Governor Alejandro García Padilla, former Senator Zoé Laboy Alvarado, Senate Majority Leader Carmelo Ríos Santiago, and House Minority Leader Rafael "Tatito" Hernández Montañez will serve as co-chairs of the campaign's Puerto Rico for Biden Leadership Committee.

This historic slate — the largest bipartisan slate of Puerto Rican endorsements in a primary election — includes officials from both the Popular Democratic Party and the New Progressive Party, further demonstrating the unifying power of Joe Biden's vision for America and mission to restore the soul of the nation.

"We are honored to have the support and leadership of these public servants, and are excited to announce the co-chairs of the campaign's Puerto Rico for Biden Leadership Committee to ensure that Puerto Ricans have a voice in this presidential election," said Greg Schultz, Campaign Manager, Biden for President. "After catastrophic hurricanes devastated the island's communities and infrastructure, Trump has done nothing for Puerto Rico except mock them and throw paper towels into the crowd. Today's slate of endorsements is emblematic of the island's need to have both a friend and ally in the White House — and the people of Puerto Rico know that Joe Biden will be that president."

Today's endorsements include:

  • Former Governor Alejandro García Padilla
  • Former Senator Zoé Laboy Alvarado
  • Senator Carmelo Ríos Santiago
  • Rep. Rafael "Tatito" Hernández Montañez
  • Senator José Nadal Power
  • Rep. Carlos A. Bianchi Angleró
  • Rep. José Aníbal Díaz Collazo
  • Rep. Luis "Narmito" Ortiz Lugo
  • Rep. José "Conny" Varela Fernández
  • Rep. Javier Aponte Dalmau
  • Rep. José "Che" Pérez Cordero
  • Rep. Angel Matos García
  • Mayor María "Mayita" Meléndez Altieri
  • Mayor José Román Abreu
  • Mayor Nelson Torres Yordán
  • Former Ambassador Gabriel Guerra-Mondragón
  • Former Senator Roberto Prats Palerm
  • Former President of Federation of Puerto Rico College Democrats of America José Julían Roldán Villanueva
  • Candidates
    • Former Representative Armando Franco
    • Roberto Zayas
    • Bernardo Álvarez Rios
    • Deborah Soto
    • Migdalia González
    • Roldán Concepción
    • Joel Sánchez Ayala

These endorsements build on the foundation of support Joe Biden has already received from notable Puerto Rican elected officials including Florida Representative Amy Mercado, Florida State Senator Vic Torres, and former Representative Robert Ascensio — all of whom play a significant role in speaking to the Puerto Rican community in Florida. Vice President Biden also authored an op-ed today that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel and El Nuevo Día to outline his vision of progress for the island.

Puerto Rico will play a defining role in the 2020 nominating contest. With 59 delegates in play, the Vice President's strong show of support in Puerto Rico highlights not only the growing enthusiasm and excitement behind his policy, but the extreme threat that Donald Trump poses to the future of the island. Moreover, on the two year anniversary of Hurricane Maria striking Puerto Rico, Biden for President released a video that drew a sharp contrast between how Donald Trump neglected the island in the face of devastation and underscored how Joe Biden would be a leader for all Americans, including those in Puerto Rico.

Biden for President has previously announced more than 775 endorsements from national, state, and local leaders, including current and former U.S. senators and representatives, governors, state elected officials, and community leaders.

Joseph R. Biden, Biden Campaign Press Release - Joe Biden Picks Up Historic Bipartisan Slate of Puerto Rican Endorsements Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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