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Biden Campaign Press Release - Jay Inslee Endorses Joe Biden on Earth Day in New "Here's the Deal" Podcast Episode

April 22, 2020

Biden and Inslee Discuss Parallels of Combating COVID-19 and Tackling Climate Change

Today, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a former presidential candidate who has championed bold policies to tackle climate change, announced in a new episode of Joe Biden's "Here's the Deal" podcast that he is endorsing Biden for President of the United States.

On a special Earth Day episode of Biden's podcast, Inslee cited Biden's strong record on fighting climate and bold vision for the future as why he is proud to endorse him for president. Biden and Inslee discussed how they see addressing climate change as a major opportunity for America to create good-paying jobs in clean energy and green infrastructure, and how important it will be for the next president to set ambitious goals to reduce our emissions and lead the world to do the same.

During the podcast, Biden applauded Inslee for his leadership on flattening the curve in Washington State amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Biden and Inslee discussed the parallels between combating COVID-19 and tackling climate, emphasizing the need to listen to experts and science while governing. They also discussed what they do to destress during such stressful times, including how they ride their bikes and connect virtually with their grandchildren.

Listen to the new episode HERE.

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Key Excerpts:

BIDEN: Who gets reelected or elected in November is going to face a circumstance nationally and internationally that hasn't been seen for a long, long time. The unemployment rate, the situation with regard to our standing in the world, a whole range of things are going to be — I think as difficult as they were when Franklin Roosevelt got elected, and particularly dealing with unemployment. And, I think that we have an opportunity, but I'd like your view, I think we have an opportunity to turn the changing the climate — generating a fundamentally green infrastructure, and turning it around in a way that can be the very thing that helps us get through this existential threat to our economy.

I think it can be a part of the impetus of us being able to come back. I think we should be — I know because I'd called you many times, asked for your opinion on climate, and on specifics — I think we can become a net exporter of climate change technology. I think we can become the leader in the world and electric vehicles. I think we can become the leader in the world in wind and energy and a new transmission capacity across the entire United States. I think there's so many opportunities, and not just for minimum wage jobs, we're talking jobs that are $40, $45, $50 an hour that have benefits that generate real serious, serious work. But tell me how you kind of look at that, if you would.

INSLEE: Well, the way I look at it is I can't wait to have an optimist back in the White House — somebody who really believes in the American vision of growing your economy by getting out ahead and leading the world in technology. And I think you can be and will be that leader. And I'll tell you why I believe that. Look, we're in campaigns, sometimes sophistry intrudes, but your track record has shown you can really do this because you recall during the Recovery Act, you led this effort with $90 billion of investment. You made sure it was in our bill, and then you shepherded it through to make sure it actually got spent wisely. And as a result of that effort — now, look, I was there, I've got some cred on this cause I watched it. As a result of this, you have helped create 3.3 million jobs in clean energy — jobs that didn't exist before.

And we've seen something — an 8,000% increase in solar. We have seen enormous increases in battery storage and electric cars, and that has been a job creator. And I think the moment is like World War II with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I really believe that — that national mobilization that he started that beat fascism is the same type of mobilization that can put so many thousands of millions of people to work. So I guess I'm here for you to get in that spot because you've got the resume to show you know how to actually get this done. And it's not just a green thing, it's an economic boost for this nation.


BIDEN: Well, Look. I've kept you a long time. I hope we can come on before the election and talk in some more detail about global warming and the like. I think — and I mean this sincerely — I think you're one of the really great governors and you could do any job in the country. But, I really appreciate your advice you give me. And, I know I'm always bugging you for advice and input, but I really mean it. And what you've done in Washington State is real, it's consequential. And I think that we can turn, with a little bit of luck, we can turn this God-awful circumstance we face in the coronavirus into an opportunity. But we're going to come out of this stronger.

INSLEE: I believe that. Well, Mr. Vice President, I'm proud to endorse you for being the next President of the United States for many reasons. I know that you have a willingness to follow science and really help us get us out of the COVID-19 crisis. You're going to bring a reasoned approach to that rather than just ignoring doctors. You're going to follow their advice. You're going to be honest with us, which we don't have right now in the White House. You're going to have a concrete plan for action within the next 10 years to develop a clean energy plan, so we just don't plan to 2050. I know that you have efforts to really do things in the next 10 years and I'm very excited about this.

I want to mention one other thing though that you should know and that is that at this time of great anxiety and suffering, I think you're perfect for the moment to help to give people comfort and confidence. And the reason I say that is that, I saw you help families — I don't know if you remember this — but you were out at Joint Base Lewis–McChord in Washington years back. And you were comforting four families who lost their soldiers. And I watched you tell them the story about how your grief that you had in your life has, over time, turned to the joy of memories. And when I talked to those families, that meant a lot to them. And we need somebody with that human connection right now in this position. And I believe you've got a unique talent to trade your heart for theirs. And I just want to tell you, I can't wait to start providing that to America.


LISTENER QUESTION: I have a question for Vice President Biden and Governor Inslee. This is a stressful time and I'm wondering if you can both tell us what you do to destress?

INSLEE: Relief from the anxiety! When I hear the current ludicrous noises out of the White House. Well, I try to ride my bike and I got to ride about 30 miles yesterday. It was a beautiful day and I felt like a young man of 55 again, you know, I felt great. What I look forward to, though, is playing with my grandkids again. This has been a stressful time for all of us and I really look forward to that a day, because that actually is the ultimate relaxation. And I know we're all looking forward to that.

BIDEN: Well, you know, it's funny. You and I didn't talk about this before, but it's the same thing with me. I love to ride the bike, although now I have a presidential Secret Service with me and here's a lot of them, so it's kinda hard.

INSLEE: You're going to be a little constrained, but that's a price worth paying to save America.

BIDEN: No, no, I agree. And they're wonderful. I didn't mean that. But I work out every morning and the other thing we do is, we do a whole lot of zooming with our grandkids. For real. And like yesterday at five o'clock, all the grandkids got on and our son, daughter and you know everybody. And we just talked for about half an hour and exchanged what we're all doing.

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