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Biden Campaign Press Release - Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Chicago Alderman Walter Burnett Endorse Joe Biden

March 01, 2020

Following a pivotal victory for Joe Biden in South Carolina, Biden for President announced key endorsements from the longest-serving Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, a prominent statewide leader, and Chicago Alderman Walter Burnett, a Deacon of First Baptist Congressional Church. Both long-serving public servants from the near-North and West Sides of Chicago, White and Burnett are steadfast advocates for at-risk youth and important leaders within Chicago's African American community.

In endorsing Biden, both White and Alderman discussed the importance of a Democratic presidential nominee with the ability to not only defeat Donald Trump, but to unite the party and country with the commitment to building on the Obama-Biden legacy of achieving progressive results.

"Joe Biden understands that if we have a prayer of restoring the soul of this nation, we need to start by making sure every child is treated with the dignity and respect that each one of us deserves," said Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White. "That starts with our investments in our kids today — in the safe home they sleep in at night, in the quality education they receive from early childhood to when they're entering the workforce, in their access to affordable health care. If we're going to bring this country together, we need to begin by bringing Joe Biden's optimism and confidence in the ability of every child to thrive back to the White House. When we invest in our kids we future."

"Joe Biden has always been able to achieve real progressive results because he knows we're strongest when we're united and working together," said Alderman Walter Burnett. "Joe Biden is my candidate not just because he can and will beat Donald Trump — but because he understands our work doesn't end there. Just as he and President Obama stared down fear and pessimism to make health care a right in this country and bring us off of the economic brink, Joe won't stop building on our greatness . He'll fight to make sure everyone is treated with equal justice under the law, and that access to quality health care, housing and economic opportunity is a reality in all corners of our society."

Last week, more than 80 statewide and local elected officials as well as faith and Democratic party leaders endorsed Biden. Their support follows other Illinois leaders backing Biden, including Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10), Congressman Danny Davis (IL-7), and former Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun — the first African American woman elected to the U.S. Senate. Biden for President has previously announced more than 1,400 endorsements from national, state, and local leaders, including current and former U.S. senators and representatives, governors, state elected officials, community leaders, and national security professionals.

Joseph R. Biden, Biden Campaign Press Release - Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Chicago Alderman Walter Burnett Endorse Joe Biden Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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