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Biden Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: With A Broad, Inclusive Coalition, Women for Biden Enter Final GOTV Stretch with One Message: When Women Show Up, We Win

November 01, 2020

For over a year, Biden for President has focused on building a strong, inclusive, broad coalition of women -- Women for Biden -- who are working every day to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. This coalition has grown to hundreds of thousands of women who engage with the campaign through weekly virtual events and online through social media. For months, they have been training to get out the vote for the campaign, joining phone banks to call into battleground states, and participating in national trainings on key topics, such as how to combat misinformation online and how to write op-eds in their local papers.

Building on seven weekends of action held throughout the final two months of the campaign, Women for Biden is spending the final days of the campaign getting out the vote with a virtual GOTV marathon, phone-banking into key battleground states. Nearly 3,000 shifts have been filled over from Saturday to Tuesday. Join them by signing up at

Over the last year, Women for Biden has grown into one of the campaign's largest coalitions, and as we work to get out the vote in the final days of this election, this coalition will be essential to winning this fight.

Highlights from Women for Biden

When the pandemic hit early in the year and the campaign went virtual, Women for Biden began holding listening sessions to hear directly from women about how the pandemic was affecting them and their families. Over the course of more than 30 virtual events, women discussed the challenges that were laid bare in the early days of this crisis -- losing loved ones, keeping their families healthy and safe, being laid off or having their hours cut back, worrying about how they were going to make ends meet, and adapting to 24/7 childcare and remote learning.

In May, Women for Biden began holding weekly national events, which featured top surrogates including Senator Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, Hillary Clinton, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Tammy Baldwin, Senator Tammy Duckworth, Senator Kriten Gillibrand, Stacey Abrams, Rep. Karen Bass, Rep. Jahana Hayes, Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Connie Britton, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Rapinoe, Storm Reid, Valerie Jarrett, Tina Tchen, and Dolores Huerta.

Weekly national events have focused on key elements of Joe Biden's women's agenda, including:

Strengthening women's economic security by securing equal pay. Click here to watch a conversation on Native Women's Equal Pay Day.

Expanding access to health care and tackling health inequities. Click here to watch a conversation led by Cecile Richards focused on health care access in rural communities and communities of color.

Helping women navigate work and families by investing in the infrastructure of care. Click here to watch a conversation on care with Doug Emhoff.

Ending violence against women, starting by reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Click here to watch a conversation featuring Jill Biden.

The Women for Biden coalition has also partnered with other coalitions to launch initiatives focused on key constituencies, including:

Sister to Sister, a nationwide voter engagement initiative to engage Black women, which launched with an event featuring Senator Kamala Harris and Rep. Brenda Lawrence in Michigan.

Comadre a Comadre, a nationwide voter engagement initiative to engage Latinas, which launched with an event featuring Congresswomen Sylvia Garcia and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell in Florida.

As part of Women for Biden, the campaign launched Moms for Biden on July 31, with a kickoff event featuring Jill Biden and Jennifer Garner. The kickoff was followed by events to discuss issues that are top of mind for moms right now, such as reopening schools safely.

In addition to Moms for Biden, there is also a grassroots organization led by volunteers called Joe Mamas, which joined with Moms for Biden and Alyssa Milano for a fireside chat this fall. Following this conversation Alyssa penned an op-ed on what's at stake for families in this election for PopSugar Family.

Women for Biden are celebrating the political power of Gen-Z and millennial women. From an intergenerational conversation featuring Storm Reid to a Teen Vogue roundtable with Rep. Pressley and activists and op-eds in Seventeen on climate change and gun violence prevention, this coalition is engaging young Americans.

Women for Biden is also engaging business leaders with a number of events focused on women entrepreneurs, including a "Mobilize Main Street" event featuring Jill Biden, Tory Burch, Melissa Butler, and Rhonda Abrams. Small business outreach has also focused specifically on Black women business owners and Latina business owners in battleground states.

Across the country, state Women for Biden programs are engaging and mobilizing thousands of women in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, and Arizona.

And the Women for Biden op-ed project has helped dozens of supporters place op-eds on why they support the Biden-Harris ticket, including:

Annie Sokoloff, NV: "I'm voting for Joe Biden. Why? Because I know Joe...I know Joe because in him I recognize the honesty and values I grew up with; the care and concern for others … You can't fake sincerity, you can't fake caring and because, honestly, we've had enough of a fake president for a lifetime." [Reno Gazette Journal]

Betsy Litt, CT: "Joe Biden has a plan to address the challenges of caregiving in our country. He has been a single parent, and knows what it's like to balance work and child rearing… Let's support families, children, and workers. Let's support Joe Biden for President." [The Newtown Bee]

Mariyana Spyropoulos, IL: "We are living through what we can only hope will be this generation's darkest days… We are one, united country that deserves clear leadership, now more than ever. In November, let's speak as a united country and send Joe Biden to the White House." [The National Herald]

Dita Bhargava, CT: "On Nov. 3, I will be casting my ballot for former Vice President Joe Biden... He has a comprehensive plan to alleviate the opioid pandemic .… Biden is committed to mitigating one of our country's most significant public health crises in modern history." [USA Today]

Tanya Selvaratnum, OR: "We have the chance this November to ensure we have a government that represents the majority of us … In addition to voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we can dedicate our votes to RBG. Let's turn our sorrow into light and action." [The Art Newspaper]

Leslie Posnock, NJ: "I'm voting for [Joe Biden] because he stands for good affordable healthcare for all. I'm voting for him because my business cannot survive another four years under Trump. Most importantly though, I'm voting for Joe because he believes, as did Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that every American, women included, merits respect and equal treatment." [Asbury Park Press]

Sara Cannon, CA: "Biden recognizes that to open stronger and more effective businesses in the safest ways possible requires a unified directive of clear, science-based and national public health guidance from his administration … [Biden's COVID-19] plan will keep us safe and help us regain our place as partner and leader in an interconnected world." [Santa Monica Daily Press]

Vanita Bhalla, CT: "As I get older, I think a lot about how I am going to care for myself, my parents and my loved ones as we age. . . Joe Biden has a plan to address these issues. Every voter should read it." [Republican American]

Sondra Myers, PA: "The power we have as citizens—the right to be responsible for the public good—must be used or we will surely lose it. We cannot afford to retain in office a tyrant who has no respect for the process—or the public good." [The Times-Tribune]

Maggy Krell, CA: "When Joe Biden says that this campaign is a battle for the soul of our country, look no further than Trump's abusive treatment toward women and children ... Trump's policies don't make us safer, they just make us heartless." [Statesman]

Genevieve Leo, AZ: "Rolling back protections and basic preventative care leaves women and others with fewer options and puts our health at risk, sending us a message loud and clear: my basic health does not matter to the Trump administration." [AZ Central]

Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, FL: "Violence against women has been the signature issue of Biden's career … Let's not forget that other pandemic that has been smoldering under the radar for far too long. And let's make the right choice on Nov. 3." [Miami Herald]

Mariyana Spyropoulos, IL: "We simply cannot have another four years of a president who ignores science … In November, we must elect Joe Biden." [National Herald]

Kate Severson, WA: "Biden cares about people like us, which is why he's made affordable and comprehensive health care a durable plank in his presidential platform … Our health and our lives depend on our active participation in this 2020 election." [The Olympian]

Gabriela Díaz, FL: "On November 3, we must make the choice that recognizes the humanity of Puerto Ricans and respects the pain of the last three years." [Latino Rebels]

Daniel Moss, VA: "Vice President Biden … has a comprehensive roadmap to support reopening schools, which starts with getting COVID-19 under control … The education of our children should be one of our highest priorities as a country." [Falls Church News-Press]

Betsy Litt, CT: "There's been a recent nationwide increase in bullying and violence against women, but that's not surprising; look at the example set by the [current] president… Joe Biden is a welcome contrast. Twenty-six years ago he wrote and championed the Violence Against Women Act … Let's elect people with real ideas and good values … [Let's elect] Joe Biden for president." [The Newtown Bee]

Liana Steir, MA: "[Joe Biden]know he is the best choice to begin to heal our broken nation. I will be voting for Joe Biden on November 3rd and I call on you [too] as well in the most important election of our time." [Community Advocate]

Renita Marcellin, PA: "Joe Biden knows too well what it means to lose loved ones. He knows that 215,000 American deaths is unconscionable...Biden will not be reckless in his response to COVID-19. This is why I am voting for Biden." [Scranton Times-Tribune]

Judith Simmons, NY: "Every woman deserves a choice for her pregnancy, and access to unbiased counsel and support. I was lucky to live where I did, have access to the care I did and have insurance to pay for it. We need a Supreme Court justice and a president who believe in the right of all women to have what I had and to protect that right with the law. No one should ever have to rely on luck to get the health care they need." [USA Today]

Simona Grace, CA: "Joe Biden's commitment to creating a revolutionary infrastructure of care is proof that he is a leader who listens to the needs of the American people, many of whom are suffering in an economy that doesn't work for us. Joe Biden's promise to America is to build us back better, but for working mothers it will be a country like we have never seen before and one that we have long deserved." [Demcast]

Erin Hafkenschiel, TN: "A vote for Biden is a vote for safer, more equitable transportation options. Whether you choose to drive or walk or bike, we can agree safer streets are good for us all. Join me in voting for Joe Biden on Nov. 3." [Tennessean]

Tanya Selvaratnam, OR: "If there will be a Biden-Harris administration, we have a better chance of chipping away at the conditioning and behavior that give rise to the devastating statistics of violence against women. For victims and survivors, there is only one choice in this election." [SheKnows]

Linda Tow, TX: "We need Biden at the helm. In 2008, he spearheaded the Recovery Act, kicking off 10 years of growth. President Barack Obama created 1.6 million more jobs in his last three years than Trump ever did…But there's something else. As a senator, Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act, learding to a dramatic decline in domestic violence." [Houston Chronicle]

Ramona Houston: "Black America cannot afford four more years of Trump...That's why we must vote for Joe Biden, a man of character who has devoted his entire life to public service and helping others." [Black Press USA]

Bonnie Marrocco, NY: "Our country needs moral leadership and a unifying force in the White House who will not only fight the pandemic, but also the scourge of racism that has been re-energized and amplified by the current administration....The soul of the nation, as well as the safety of its people, hinges on a Biden win." [The Daily News]

Melissa Greenhawt, CO: "[We] must reject Trump's divisiveness and chaos and instead restore honor and integrity to the presidency. That means voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris." [The Denver Post]

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