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Biden Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: The Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News Endorse Joe Biden Ahead of the Michigan Primary

March 05, 2020

"Michigan Democrats, and Americans across the political spectrum, are fortunate that he is available in our hour of national need." —The Detroit Free Press

Today, the two largest papers in Michigan — the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News — endorsed Joe Biden for President. In their endorsements of Joe Biden, both cite his readiness on day one, his foreign policy experience, and his ability to unite the country and beat Donald Trump.

The Detroit Free Press: Joe Biden is Michigan's best choice in Democratic primary

"But the nation, and our closely divided state, would be far better served by the succession of JOE BIDEN, whose four decades of experience in Congress and the West Wing have uniquely prepared him to meet the challenges awaiting the next president."

"Back in January, long before the dynamics of the Democratic race came into sharper focus, we outlined the criteria that would inform the Free Press' endorsement decision. Specifically, we were looking for the candidate whose experience, vision, realistic approach to foreign policy, electability and demonstrated ability to identify areas of broad public consensus rose above his or her rivals'. Judged by those five metrics, Biden is the clear winner. His resume is distinguished by both its length and its breadth. He is, indeed, the only candidate with deep experience in both the legislative and executive branches."

"Biden's aspirations to re-establish America's global leadership are similarly leavened by realism. Like his nuanced views on crimes and drug addiction, his pragmatic approach to foreign policy is born of long and sometimes painful experience… It's difficult to imagine a U.S, ally who would not be reassured by Biden's election, or an adversary who would mistake it as an invitation to military aggression or nuclear mischief."

"Biden would bring to the White House an agenda far more ambitious than the one Obama realized or even articulated. Though Biden wisely declined to embrace the chimeric prescription for universal Medicare (a non-starter in any conceivable Congress), he has expressed support for many of the financial reforms proposed by Warren. Like Warren's platform, Biden's would shift power from Wall Street to consumers, entrepreneurs and workers."

"We worry, especially, that a ticket helmed by Sanders' nomination would jeopardize the re-election of U.S. Reps. Elissa Slotkin (D-Holly) and Haley Stevens (D-Troy), who won seats in historically red congressional districts. And the trust and goodwill Biden enjoys on Capitol Hill boost the odds that he will be able to break the partisan gridlock that has doomed bipartisan progress on immigration reform, gun violence, and climate change."

"Biden, by contrast, has somehow made his way through half a century without vilifying broad segments of the American electorate. His decency and empathy are authentic. So is his humility, which grew organically from his personal experience with error, disappointment and familial tragedy."

"Still, Biden's manifest resilience and capacity for self-healing bode well for the gargantuan task of restoring decency, competence and credibility to the White House. No Democrat, Republican or third-party loyalist need fear him; his election would imperil only the poisonous mixture of cynicism, contempt and distrust that pervade American political life in the age of Donald Trump."

The Detroit News: Joe Biden is Democrats' best choice in Michigan presidential primary

"Democratic voters consistently tell pollsters their priority in the presidential primaries is nominating a candidate who can beat President Donald Trump this fall. Of the contenders who remain in the race heading into Tuesday's Michigan balloting, Joe Biden best meets that criteria. In fact, the former vice president may be the only one who can fulfill the Democratic desire to deny Trump a second term."

"One of the country's major challenges is the ever-growing political divide. The inability of those in Washington to work across party lines and the increasing incivility in the public square are the biggest threats to the nation's well-being… Biden, as a U.S. senator and vice president, has a reputation as someone who could build consensus. His former boss, President Barack Obama, called on him often to knit the two parties together on important matters."

"Further recommending Biden is his White House experience. He served eight years under Obama, and was involved in many of the major decisions, for better or worse, made by the administration."

"This election is unfolding in a period of great uncertainty. No one knows how much damage the coronavirus is going to do to the nation's health and economy. Biden has the experience to navigate difficult decisions necessary to confront the crisis, and the ability to rise above partisanship to do what's best for the American people."

Joseph R. Biden, Biden Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: The Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News Endorse Joe Biden Ahead of the Michigan Primary Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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