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Biden Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: In Final Week of the Campaign, Biden for President Makes Closing Argument to Black Voters

October 30, 2020

This week, Biden for President continued to reach out to Black communities through direct engagement and a new ad series. With just four days to Election Day, Biden for President is working to earn the support of Black voters and reaching this key constituency through earned and paid media -- which includes pop culture icons and talking directly to voters.

Kamala Harris Joins The Shade Room:

On Friday, Kamala Harris stepped into the Shade Room and answered 'roommates' questions detailing how a Biden Harris administration would ensure economic security, reform the criminal justice system and shared a special shout out for Divine Nine sorority and fraternity leaders.

Biden for President Hosts "Team Joe Talks" Featuring Black Women:

Today, members of Biden for President are joining North Carolina Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley, Nevada State Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno, Cynthia Wallace, Colorado Rep. Leslie Herod, Desiree Tims, Adrienne Bell, Georgia State Senator Nikema Williams, Michigan Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden, U.S. Rep. Lauren Underwood, Higher Heights for America President & CEO Glynda Carr, Pennsylvania Rep. Morgan Cephas, and Wisconsin Rep. LaKeshia Myers for a "Team Joe Talks" series of conversations on Instagram Live to discuss a range of press issues that Black women are concerned about most and what's at stake in the election.

Biden for President Hosts "Shop Talk" Conversation with Black Men:

Yesterday, Biden for President hosted the final edition of the "Shop Talk" virtual roundtable series with director Spike Lee. Over 900 Black men and supporters joined the discussion moderated by music executive Mike Muse and featuring actor Hill Harper and former ESPN anchor Michael Smith. The group discussed issues Black men are facing across the country. Hundreds of thousands of Black men have joined the conversations across the course of the series. The roundtable series, accompanied a series of ads filmed in a barbershop featuring men having real conversations about issues that are important to Black men.

Kamala Harris Hears from Members of Black Greek Organizations:

Yesterday, Kamala Harris participated in a Divine Nine Mobilization Event to engage members of Black Greek Letter organizations who, collectively, represent more than 2 million primarily African American members. Special guests will included Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the presidents and members of the nine historically Black organizations — Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Gamma Rho, and Iota Phi Theta.

Jill Biden Visits The Lip Bar in Detroit:

On Thursday, Jill Biden traveled to Michigan, where she stopped by the Detroit-based, Black woman-owned cosmetics store, The Lip Bar. Dr. Biden and CEO and Founder Melissa Butler emphasized the critical role that Michiganders will play in deciding the next president.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Talk to Black Voters in Key States:

On Wednesday, Joe Biden made a surprise appearance during a virtual town hall event hosted by Oprah Winfrey to encourage people in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio to get out the vote. Oprah Winfrey shared the story of Mildred Madison, 94, who has not missed a vote in 72 years. "Miss Mildred" said this is the most important vote of her life, and that she voted for a leader who has respect for all people. Vice President Biden then surprised Miss Mildred and attendees, joining the conversation and encouraging the group to turn out and vote. Earlier this week, Kamala Harris surprised attendees during a virtual town hall event hosted by Oprah Winfrey and featuring a group of Wisconsin voters — all of whom were members of historically Black sororities and service organizations.

Kamala Harris Joins BET Hip Hop Awards Show:

Also, on Wednesday, Kamala Harris joined the 2020 BET Hip Hop awards to talk about the importance of voting and why a vote for the Biden Harris ticket is a vote for change.

Biden for President Releases New Ads:

Continuing its robust investment in Black media, Biden for President released a series of ads laying out an uplifting final message and call to action to the Black community. The ads are a part of a nationwide closing investment and mobilization message to the Black community.

  • "Rise Up": The ad entitled "Rise Up" features the faces of Black Americans from across the country, emphasizes that your vote is your voice and ends with Joe Biden reminding voters that "this is your campaign."

  • "Vote for Change": In an ad entitled "Vote for Change", Senator Kamala Harris explains what can change when we vote. Senator Harris directly asks voters to cast their ballot for the Biden-Harris ticket. The 30 second ad will run nationwide on TV and radio including in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Arizona. Watch "Vote for Change" HERE.

  • "Black Lives Matter": The ad entitled "Black Lives Matter" features Joe Biden speaking directly to voters about how he would meet inequity head on. Joe Biden lays out his plan to ensure African Americans get a fair shake at economic opportunity, health care, criminal justice, education and housing. The 60 second and 30 second ads will run on TV and radio nationwide, including in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. Watch "Black Lives Matter" HERE.

  • Joe Biden Lays Out his Plan: In a series of four 15 second direct-to-camera ads, Joe Biden lays out how he will get COVID under control, tackle police misconduct, decriminalize Marijuana and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. The ads are a part of Joe Biden's closing message to voters nationwide and will run on TV and radio. Watch "Joe Biden on COVID-19" HERE. Watch "Joe Biden on Policing" HERE. Watch "Joe Biden on Decriminalizing Marijuana" HERE. Watch "Joe Biden on a $15 Minimum Wage" HERE.

  • "Prior": The ad is released alongside a 15 second message laying out Senator Harris' commitment to reform the criminal justice system and automatically expunge prior marijuana use convictions. Watch "Prior" HERE.

  • "Chris Walton" is a 60 second ad that features Chris Walton, the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin and an openly gay member of the LGBTQ+ community. Chris shares how he sees Joe Biden as an ally because of his support for marriage equality, unlike Trump who has used his rhetoric to entice harm and fear towards the LGBTQ+ community.

  • "A Better World" is a 60 second ad that includes a conversation between Feroza, Trans activist and advocate & original member of House of Balenciaga and Jauan of Atlanta, GA. Jauan of Atlanta, GA, a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a social activist, shares how he believes he will finally feel seen under the Biden-Harris Administration. He voices that this new administration and their sacrifices will give the LGTBQ+ community a sense of hope, acceptance, and a seat at the table.

  • "Believe" is a 60 second ad and a conversation between Jauan and Keon of the Atlanta area. They understand they must vote if they want to experience a brighter future and are in full support of the Biden-Harris Administration. They can see themselves when they look at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because of their ethics, morals, passion towards mankind.

In the final days before the election, Black voters are showing excitement for Biden for President by mobilizing their communities to Get Out the Vote.

North Carolina

Photo Credit: Andrew Craft, The Fayetteville Observer


  • FAMU Rattlers for Biden hosted "Swag and Sweets" GOTV event, October 29- HBCU Students for Biden FAMU students rallied their fellow students at a "Swag and Sweets" event. Students brought their "I Voted" stickers, ate fried oreos, received campaign merchandise, and talked about how Joe Biden will restore the soul of the nation.

  • Voting for Our Lives Virtual Rally - Florida voters joined Maya Harris, Ross Mathews, Miss Peppermint, Chad Michaels, Nina West, and special guests for Vote for Our Lives: An Out for Biden GOTV rally. LGBTQ+ organizers shared why they are voting for Joe Biden.

  • Haitian-American Voters Voice Their Opinions, March To The Polls - Haitian voters promenade to the polls and understand the choice is clear. In Haitian Times, Paul Christian Namphy articulated why Haitian-Americans are energized to vote for Biden, "The damage will be absolutely irreparable if we have another re-election of the Trump [administration]. We believe on the other hand if we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, we will have a voice inside the decision making."

Photo Credit: Haitian Times

  • Caribbeans for Biden held a steel band event to show their support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and to encourage community members to vote.


  • African Americans for Biden hosted Make It Happen Monday - Make it Happen Monday is a virtual campaign event discussing issues important to African American Voters. Monday's conversation for Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan featured Mike Muse and Isaac Hayes III.

  • The Love for Milwaukee GOTV Event with - First time voters, community leaders and local Milwaukee area elected officials joined Grammy award-winning artist and Milwaukee leaders for a virtual conversation on what's at stake in this election and to raise awareness about the many ways Wisconsinites can cast their ballots and take part in this campaign.

  • Gospelfest Early Vote Faith Rally with Bishop William Murphy, Rep Moore and Rep Clyburn

  • Get Out The Vote Drive-In Concert with Eric Benet

  • Bien Harris Swag Pop-Ups

  • Milwaukee Lit Drops

  • Car Parade (Milwaukee & Madison)

  • SVL-Biden Harris RV Vote Early tour in the inner city


  • Souls to the Polls with Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester

  • Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochest met with Clergy and Community Leaders

  • Congressman Cedric Richmond Kicked Off Canvasses in South and Northwest Philadelphia

  • Faith Conversation with Congressman Cedric Richmond

  • Black Clergy Canvass in West Philadelphia

  • Biden-Harris GOTV DJ Spin-Off with Congressman Hakeem Jeffries



Biden for President has been listening to and speaking with Black Men throughout the campaign. A series of videos profile Black men sharing why they believe a President Biden will make their lives better. Everyday Black men - from a horse riding trainer in rural North Carolina to a sanitation worker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to a teacher of the year from Arizona - share their reasons for voting for Joe Biden are as diverse as their stories.

Anthony Jefferson from Pennsylvania
Anthony is a small business owner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anthony's business was negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic under the Trump Administration and Anthony Jefferson feels he and his small business are indivisible under the current administration.He shares why he believes in Joe Biden's plan to build back better.

D'Andre Ross from Pennsylvania
D'Andre is a first time voter from Philadelphia, PA who recognizes that he has a chance to vote for real leadership in this election. D'Andre speaks about how he felt when Donald Trump failed to denounce white supremacists. He is looking for a president that is willing to address the challenges facing the country head on and bring people together. He knows that is Joe Biden.

Kevin Mack from Michigan
Kevin is an electrical worker in Detroit Michigan who lost family members to Covid-19. He talks about how Joe Biden really understands the challenges Americans have faced during this pandemic and expresses that he voted for Biden because he took time to visit and have real interactions with the community.

Myron Blackwell from North Carolina
Myron of Brown Summit, North Carolina is a horse riding trainer and his business has suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Byron believes Joe Biden is for the people and will be a commander-in-chief that is for the people.

Ahmad Mitchell from Pennsylvania
Ahmad is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was terrified of going into debt from student loans. Ahmad decided to attend a vocational trade school and pursue a career as a gardener. Even though he loves running his community's garden, he is excited that the Biden-Harris Administration supports forgiving student debts and will provide increased educational opportunities.

Terrill Haigler from Pennsylvania
Terrill is a front line sanitation union worker from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who supports raising the minimum wage to $15. He is excited about the Biden-Harris Build Back Better Plan and believes that this plan will not only benefit him, but all of Black America and the middle class.

Jonathan Quarles from Michigan
Jonathan Quarels of Flint, Michigan is confident that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will make the country much better than it has been in the last four years. This is one of our pro-Biden persuasion testimonial ads that will help be a validator for other Black men.

Juwan from Pennsylvania
Juwan of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania shares a story of his newborn son's early birth and their health care journey. After he was born, Juwan's son needed around the clock care and was hospitalized for 111. He is voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because of their plan to build on the Affordable Care Act.

Kareem Neal from Arizona
Kareem is an educator and was named Arizona's teacher of the year in 2019. Kareem puts his trust in Vice-President Biden because he understands that we must keep vulnerable students and teachers safe in order to build a better community.

Malik Gary from Florida
Malik is a front line worker in Tallahassee, Florida who doesn't currently feel safe as a Black male living in a country where the president doesn't prioritize safety, but he believes that Joe Biden will be the change we need in America.

Conversations in Flint, Michigan

This series of raw, authentic conversations between a group of young Black men who feel that the Trump Administration has completely failed the Black community on several fronts, from mishandling the Covid-19 public health crisis to not condemning hate and racism. These men voice that the one way to get real change in the country is by voting out the Trump Administration and electing the Biden-Harris Administration. They stress that your vote is your power, and when you decide not to vote, you are allowing your voice to be silenced.

Joseph R. Biden, Biden Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: In Final Week of the Campaign, Biden for President Makes Closing Argument to Black Voters Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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