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Biden Campaign Press Release - Biden for President Unveils New Website

August 05, 2020

Design Elements Inspired by Former Democratic Presidential Candidates in Nod to Unity

New Features Expand Reach to Spanish Language Readers and People with Disabilities

Today, ahead of the general election, Biden for President unveiled a new website that underscores and illustrates a central theme of Joe Biden's campaign: unifying the country. The Democratic primary presented voters a historic field of candidates that reflect the widespread talent, diversity, and strength of our party and country, which is why Joe Biden worked hard to assemble the broadest and most diverse coalition to ensure we make Donald Trump a one term president. Today's new website reflects Biden's long standing commitment to unity and welcoming all kinds of supporters to Team Joe, drawing inspiration from key design elements used by former presidential candidates and adding new features that will reach more Americans.
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New design elements inspired by former candidates include:

  • Native video highlighting Joe Biden's warm interactions with voters, similar to videos Elizabeth Warren used throughout her site that captured her campaign's energy and enthusiasm.
  • The Team Joe store featured directly on the homepage like Bernie Sanders had.
  • New full screen navigation tailored for mobile experiences that is a nod to Kamala Harris' site.
  • Pete Buttigieg's website featured videos from Pete, which influenced a news feed called "The Latest" that includes Joe Biden's most recent videos, statements, and blog posts.
  • An ActBlue section that demonstrates that grassroots power of the Biden campaign, displaying the first name and location of donors who give in real time similar to what Mike Bloomberg and other candidates featured.
  • Visual padding on the margins of the site that Beto O'Rourke used.

The website also uses the campaign's new fonts, Decimal and Mercury, and is a gesture to another central campaign theme around the battle for the soul of the nation, which must be won by choosing truth over lies. Decimal's main inspiration comes from the typefaces used in wristwatches — true as time. Mercury's primary use has been used in print, for various magazines and newspapers, and holds the truth of the written word. Additionally, there is a new video bumper that will automatically load on any page when Joe Biden is speaking live during events hosted by the campaign.

The new website strives to reach more Americans with expanded features:

  • The entire site, including all of Biden's policies, are available in Spanish, demonstrating the campaign's ongoing commitment to building upon our engagement with Latino communities.
  • Biden for President has partnered with Perkins Access, a division of Perkins School for the Blind, to address the site's accessibility and usability. Perkins Access will provide ongoing accessibility support to help make content accessible to users with sensory, cognitive and mobility disabilities, but ultimately to all users, regardless of ability.

The website was designed and engineered entirely in-house by Biden for President staff.

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