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Biden Campaign Press Release - Biden for President Floods Airwaves with Spanish and Bilingual Ads, Urging Voters to Cast Their Ballot for Biden-Harris

October 20, 2020

Today, Biden for President announced seven Spanish and Bilingual ads featuring the diversity of the Latino community. The ads highlight personal testimonials outlining Donald Trump's failed leadership and the importance of early voting. Making the case for Biden-Harris the ads emphasize the need for real leadership to help Latino families and more importantly how Latinos will be the deciding factor in this election.

"Abandonados" Abandoned is a Spanish TV ad running in Florida and Pennsylvania featuring José Rodriguez, a priest and champion of the Puerto Rican community in Central Florida. Rodriguez highlights how in the wake of Hurricane Maria, Trump abandoned the island and when Puerto Ricans arrived in Orlando in search of refuge, Trump abandoned them again. Three years later, Rodriguez says nothing has changed and the community is still under attack—now, because of the pandemic.

In Arizona, "La Primera Vez" The First Time tells the story of Lidia, a first time voter in Phoenix, Arizona diagnosed with lupus 13 years ago. She takes hydroxychloroquine for pain flare-ups associated with her incurable disease. Lidia explains how President Trump's irresponsible promotion of hydroxychloroquine as a proven treatment for COVID-19 caused the pharmaceutical drug to run out for people like her. As a first time voter, she is casting her ballot for Biden-Harris because Lidia knows we need a leader who will put the needs of people first, and who works to unify the country. The Spanish ad will run on TV across Arizona.

"Son Muy Similares" They Are Very Similar is a Spanish TV ad running in Miami, Ft. Myers and West Palm Beach. It features Cecilia, a young Venezuelan woman who speaks about her firsthand experience with socialism. She dismisses the narrative of Joe Biden as a socialist and explains how Donald Trump's authoritarian tactics are similar to the dictator Nicolás Maduro. "Joe Biden will help fix the problems Trump created in this country," she says as to why she is voting for Biden-Harris.

"La Mejor Cara" The Best Version is a digital Spanish ad which uses the spoken word artform to highlight Joe Biden's record as manager of the Recovery Act alongside Barack Obama, before providing an overview on Biden's plan to handle the current crisis. The ad will run in Florida and Pennsylvania.

"Pasar la Página" Turn The Page is a Spanish TV ad that will run on TV in Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. It will also run as a radio ad in Iowa. The ad reminds Latinos of their ability to mobilize in the face of adversity. Images from the Trump administration are shown and lack vibrancy. They are replaced with colorful and positive visuals with the narrator reminding voters the time has come to turn the page on Donald Trump.

"Works" Trabajamos, is a bilingual digital ad targeting young Latino voters. The ads highlight Biden's plans to control COVID-19, restart the economy, lower healthcare costs, and fight discrimination. The digital ad also showcases Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as relentless public servants ready to work for the Latino community. The narrator calls on voters to do their part and head to the polls in support of an administration that works for them. The ad will run in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.

Joseph R. Biden, Biden Campaign Press Release - Biden for President Floods Airwaves with Spanish and Bilingual Ads, Urging Voters to Cast Their Ballot for Biden-Harris Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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