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Bennet Campaign Press Release - Paul LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University, Endorses Michael Bennet for President

December 19, 2019

The opinions expressed are neither the opinions of Southern New Hampshire University or its Trustees nor endorsed by Southern New Hampshire University.

MANCHESTER, NH — Paul LeBlanc, president of Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and his wife, attorney and professor Patricia Findlen, today endorsed Michael Bennet for president of the United States. LeBlanc has led SNHU since 2003, growing the student body to over 135,000 learners and making it the nation's largest nonprofit provider of online higher education.

"I have spoken about education with numerous political leaders and none have possessed Michael's knowledge, thoughtfulness, and nuanced understanding of the issues," said LeBlanc. "At a time of alarming wealth inequity and diminished opportunity for working people, Pat and I feel we need an education president. Someone who understands that education is still the single most powerful tool of social mobility and that it has sadly become part of the problem, not part of the solution, for far too many people.

"We also want someone who has been elected statewide in a purple state, who still thinks about finding the common ground that binds us as Americans. Michael is as comfortable talking to a Colorado rancher or miner as he is talking to an academic or community organizer. He has a natural feel for people and reminds us of their essential goodness. We admire his idealism, even as he brings a roll-up-the-sleeves practicality in getting to work and making things better.

"On the most fundamental level, he's a good man. I want to trust and admire the person leading the country. Yes, that's a question of integrity and morality, and it's also a question of respect for who the person is as a spouse, as a parent, as a neighbor. Trusted friends in Colorado told us years ago that we should pay attention to their senator. We have and what we discovered about Michael has earned our support."

Bennet recently completed a five-day tour of New Hampshire, including stops in Salem, Bedford, Concord, Andover, Gorham, Lancaster, North Conway, West Ossipee, Dover, and Manchester. He has announced plans to host 50 town halls in the Granite State between now and the first in the nation primary, and returns on Friday for eight more town halls.

"Paul is one of the premier educational innovators in the country, and it's an honor to stand with him and Pat in the fight to restore opportunity for every American child," said Bennet. "Together, I look forward to sharing my plan to bring integrity back to the White House with every primary voter in the Granite State."

Bennet represents Colorado in the Senate, but he has not spent a lifetime in politics. He turned around failing businesses in the private sector and improved outcomes for kids as superintendent of the Denver Public Schools. Bennet is the only candidate in this race who has won two national elections in a swing state. He has released comprehensive, field-leading proposals to provide high-quality, affordable health care with a public option, reward hard work, fix our broken political system, and tackle climate change by working with our farmers and ranchers.

Michael Bennet, Bennet Campaign Press Release - Paul LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University, Endorses Michael Bennet for President Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project