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Bennet Campaign Press Release - New Hampshire Representative Marjorie Smith Endorses Michael Bennet for President

December 05, 2019

MANCHESTER, NH — New Hampshire State Rep. Marjorie Smith today endorsed Michael Bennet for President of the United States. Smith has represented the Strafford 6 district since 2012; previously, she represented the district from 1996 to 2010. Smith chairs the New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee.

"Michael Bennet first caught my attention when I learned that he left a powerful position in the private sector to enter public service, eventually heading up the Denver Public Schools because he believes that a democracy depends upon every child having access to the best possible public education," Smith said.

"Elected from a purple state, he has demonstrated that he appeals to a diverse group of voters. And he listens. He is going from community to community, talking about his vision to build opportunity for all, and listening to citizens talk about what's on their minds. He refuses to use the catchphrases of the day.

"If you want glitz, big money, and knee jerk responses, Bennet is not your man. I support Senator Bennet because I believe he is governed by a moral compass that can appeal to a majority of voters, and has demonstrated that he has the experience and the integrity to lead this nation."

Smith has written forcefully about the importance of preserving the New Hampshire primary, including its tradition of living room conversations where candidates share their vision and answer questions before Granite Staters cast their ballots. She hosted a house party for Bennet in November.

Bennet returns to New Hampshire on Friday for a five-day tour of the state, which will include stops in Salem, Bedford, Concord, Andover, Lancaster, Conway, and other towns across the Granite State.

Bennet represents Colorado in the Senate, but he has not spent a lifetime in politics. He turned around failing businesses in the private sector and improved outcomes for kids as superintendent of the Denver Public Schools. Bennet is the only candidate in this race who has won two national elections in a swing state. He has released comprehensive, field-leading proposals to provide high-quality, affordable health care with a public option, reward hard work, fix our broken political system, and tackle climate change by working with our farmers and ranchers.

Michael Bennet, Bennet Campaign Press Release - New Hampshire Representative Marjorie Smith Endorses Michael Bennet for President Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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